*looks up recipes for tonight's dinner*

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Do you lookup recipes and then proceed to ignore them?

  1. Yes

  2. No


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    Do you find yourself doing this? =______=
  2. I don't have confidence in my cooking. Instructions are at least something I can blame if it doesn't turn out right.
  3. Yeah, but I look up desserts. Because I am a sweet person. Teehee.
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  4. Yesss.

    Almost every time. Basically, I look up a recipe if I've never had something before and I need a guideline for what flavors could compliment each other, but the recipe itself is rarely used.
  5. There wasn't "Yes but with moderation."

    basically i follow the instructions but make my own adjustments to better suit the meal. for example the pancake mix box says "use this amount for 4-7 pancakes." and im like "i'm a 96 pound skinny person that eats like a bird, that's not going to work."

    so I have to adjust how much mix i put in and how much water, and yeah xD
  6. Everything must be followed precisely, or else you are a whore of Satan.
  7. Story of my life.

    Take me, Lucifer.
  8. No Diana, you're just...a special kind of special :P
  9. Lately I use the recipes just to give me an idea of what temperature to use for the oven and to learn approximately how long the dinner should be cooking for. Huh... Didn't realize this until now. Thanks a lot Diana for helping me see the worst in myself.
  10. I thought this was going to be a thread about what poison you found to put in Bella's food.
  11. Nope. I am master chef. Always stick to recipe.

    Seriously though, I love to cook, and I try to follow the recipe as close as possible.
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  12. I once followed the directions so much to the letter that I made a brownie cup with twice the amount of fake sugar it was supposed to have.
  13. Did just this last night to cook some chicken thigh quarters. All I checked on was a new way to cook beyond baking. So pan frying it was.

    Checked six recipes. Found average cooking times. Seasoned how I wanted and cooked it.

    Fuck recipes. My family always cooks by feel.
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  14. I look at pictures of food then get other people to cook for me.
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  15. Poor @Fijoli
  16. Cooking-wise, you can kind of get away not following the exact measurements. If it's too bland for you, then maybe add another pinch of salt etc etc.

    But if you eyeball everything when you bake, then you're screwed :D
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  17. Its true, we have a strict regiment of specific foods bought every weeks rarely do we stray from the routine lunches and dinners, I usually do extra recipes with the Octo-mom so I get to share the burden of cooking for the men in the family 8D

    But October makes this Oxtail soup and all I'm gonna say is he's got that oxtail soup down to a science.
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  18. My cooking abilities are moderate at best so instructions are almost always needed when I'm trying something new.

    That being said though, even though I follow them I might not be following them well.
    Mis-reading something and outright ruining the recipe as a result is a common occurrence.
  19. If I'm just making myself dinner I mostly go with what I know, I don't measure a thing and mix and match the flavors I like. It turns out pretty well.

    If it's about baking then yes: I follow the recipe and only alter it if it suits the recipe and my ingredients better. Croissants for example need butter to turn out the way they do. My usual recipe calls for a set amount, but I decrease the amount if I have the butter I prefer using instead of the cheap margarine I buy.

    As for cooking: Only when in the mood to try new foods, having the time, money and energy to try out a recipe.
    My budget it fairly limited so I rarely try new things when I have things that work and I know how to make cheap, filling and healthier batch foods like stews, soups turned stews, gratins etc. My priority is not living on instant noodles the last week before next payday, it's having cheap and balanced meals as often as possible.
  20. I don't have that kind of cooking skill. I need recipes to tell me what to do.
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