Looks like YouTube just vomited...

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  1. ...into Delta Airlines' new safety video.
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  2. This video reminds me of my grandmother trying to be hip. I don't think this company quite grasps the Internet. :ferret:
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  3. beautiful
  4. Most of those internet references are years old. Like, during my early and mid teen years.
    I know that's technically not that long ago, but damn it Internet time passes much faster than RL time.

    That and they really only referenced them anyways, there was nothing funny or interesting that kept me watching. :/
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  5. But Doge... :c
  6. Nice references, but kind of boring video in general /: They could have done it better. Just putting them in like that won't make it fun. It's just like a normal safety video but with some references. >_>

    I prefer Todrick Hall's airplane safety video. :9
  7. At least they tried.
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