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  1. Looking for Male roleplayers to play the following roles:
    *A demon hunting priest
    *A cannibal vampire (Who eats his kind and well every thing he wants to)
    *The leader and boss of an under ground market
    *A demon/vampire butler
    *A hybrid that hides out in the basement of an old asylum

    I'm looking for a good long term roleplay if the following roles do not appeal to you I'm sure we can come up with some thing else I do all genres from Sci-Fi to Horror, I like to have romance in mine here and there but not all through it just after a bond is made between the two characters.

    Looking for Female Roleplayers to play the following roles:
    *Demon hunter
    *Cruel vampire sire
    *Demon/Human Hybrid with a taste for male humans purity, pain and lust
    *A young weak servant (Half vampire)

    Again if these do not appeal to you I have others or you could come up with your own these are just examples.

    I Prefer paragraph responses but honestly I don't mind when you get it to me just as long as you tell me before you go missing for a few days (or hours I just would like to know)
    ~I'll see you in the next nightmare, darlings~
  2. The one about the hybrid in the basement of a asylum sounds interesting.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.