Looks; do they matter?

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Being good looking; does it matter?

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  • No, I don't think they do, Menorain.

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  • OTHER, and allow me to explain why...

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Me and my roommate were visiting some of our mutual friends that were hosting a dinner party and we got to talking (I'd like to this so anyway), and we got upon the subject of whether being good looking really mattered. I'm going to go out on a limb and claim that me and my friends are pretty decent looking, so in truth, this whole conversation was sprung from our own vanity haha But anyway, one of my friends said (with misplaced conviction), "Of course looks matter, Menorain, who would be interested in any of us here if we were ugly and only had our personalities. Let's face it, we aren't the most beautiful souls". I edged backwards and allowed the debate to ensue haha While I will readily admit that perhaps I am not the most kind hearted of souls (nor am I the type of person that can easily look beyond the cover), I also believe that looks are fleeting and that we shouldn't rely on them forever.

So yes, I'm interested in what all yee fellow members have to say on the subject? Get talking :)
Hey, it certainly helps. I'd say that personality leads to long-lasting and happy relationships, but it's generally the initial attraction that leads to those sorta deals.
it doesnt matter about looks its about the love and understanding and the trust and the bond and connection between the 2 who cares wat u look like if u have all those things with that person then go streat 4 it who cares wat any else thinks
Depends on the circumstances. To a certain level they don't and in some cases I can ignore them along with most others, but I do believe that perhaps they may indicate a bit about the person behind them (in some cases). A man with a mohawk wearing a patch jacket with Siege and Discharge patches who smells horrible is probably a some crust punk fan for example. At the same time, appearences can be deceiving, and there's a chance that maybe he's just a dirty hipster playing the part of a punk, although it's more likely of the former.
Hey! Leave hipsters out of this XD

To be honest, IMO (the correct one), looks are very important to me. While I don't spend a great deal of time worrying about what I look like (not that I need to, darling hahaha oh my), I am very aware of other peoples appearance. I think that the exterior can speak volumes about a person's interior, but hey, if someone's hot then they're just hot. Can you tell that I'm not a relationship type of person? Not that I'm complaining. I'm having tons of fun and by tons I mean IT'S BEEN A WHILE.

Volumes eh? Perhaps in some cases I can see that, maybe based on how a person treats his body and clothing, but I can't really read much out of your average joe/jane type wearing nondescript run-of-the mill clothing. Maybe if you're some super psychologist (possible code-word for "creepy ass stalker who spends too much time looking at other people trying to theorize who and what they are") yeah, but I think even that has its limits and weaknesses, going back to the looks-can-be-deceiving deal.
Unfortunately, dear friend, I am that sort of person. I study psychology at uni, hence it is a fault that this degree has instilled within me. I am continuously analysing. But yeah, there are definately limits, and obviously there won't be much to read from someone that is looking TRÉS ORDINARY, but I'm only really after one thing when I'm out on the pull etc.

Jking, but yeah, I think sometimes what you observe in a person can only be sort of "guessed" at; the real root causes and reasons you'd likely need to dig into their heads to find out.
Looks matter. And anyone that says otherwise is a big fat liar.

....Or blind. XD

It's all about first impression. And can be explained with good old fashioned nature science. XD Back in those old days when we were critters, we'd recognize what was good for us by sight. Good for finding mates and avoiding the weak and all that jazz.

Then society habits kicked in. Where a way someone dresses and stands tell you how much they care about themselves, the people around them, and how they're living their life. Dressing appropriate for certain places and occasions shows how much respect you have. Be it for the situation or the people you're with. And yes, even yourself. Even with the wonderfully fun world of fashion and getting to be creative, you can still look at someone and tell if they have any respect. Self or otherwise. They're going to bathe, wear clean clothes, and dress neatly regardless of the fashion style they're in.

Of course, when it comes to PHYSICAL features. That's 100% in the eye of the beholder. XD You can't pass judgment on physical beauty, because opinions will differ so widely.

P.S.: TYPING SKILLS ARE THE FASHION OF THE INTERNET. D:< Better be using some punctuation and full words up in this biznatch, this ain't no unedumacated slums! Lazy punks! Respect in the hiz-ouwse!

Looks do matter, I'm afraid. How a person looks says a lot about how well they take care of themselves and respect themselves. You don't want to hang around someone that doesn't care diddly squat for how they look...

I had a friend like that. She wouldn't shower, she wouldn't comb her hair, she'd eat everything and eventually, she got fat and she always smelled bad. Plus, she got sick a lot. It made being around her very awkward. :/ Her "How I look or smell" counter didn't really make sense anymore. Since she stopped listening to me, we stopped being friends.

My ex was kind of the same way. XP I'd have to threaten not to kiss him or something like that if he didn't shower or change his clothes, or brush his teeth. Or shave. >>;

AND, there's such thing as looking too uh...well, just don't dress like a slut. XD I won't touch that topic. Like Diana said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder... A person usually falls for looks before personality because that's what you see a person for before getting to know them.
It's not so much what you have, as how you show it. Too much make-up and revealing clothes sends one message, while Black hair and fishnets sends another, and both individuals would be considered equally attractive.
While it is a fact that looks do make ATTRACTION possible on some level, it's not so important when love is involved.
Love is a whole other subject though. Love transcends personality and looks, I think. I so know what you meant about types of attractiveness. Everyone has different tastes; although it seems a lot of females where I'm staying atm love a well built guy. Whereas I'm... not XD I look like a bit of a hipster, which translates as fashionable tramp to those not in the know. But now I'm going off on a whole other tangent haha


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Yeah, looks do matter. It's not just about physical characteristics though! Hygiene and fashion, for instance, are also important. I feel as though looks are more important concerning a significant other vs. a friend (Fluffy's situation illustrates that even with friends it can be significant), but ultimately, personality is more important anyway. At least, that's what I think; everybody is different!
Looks matter because they are the first thing you see. Another very close "first impression" trait is how you carry yourself. Generally speaking, good looking people have more favor than an ugly person, but someone who lacks in looks can carry himself charismatically--its in large part why butt-ugly politicians get laid with ultra-hot mistresses. But not everyone has that aura of power and charisma, and so rely on looks instead.
Looks most certainly matter, for instance (yes this is only one source, but deal) in an episode of 20/20 and the book Freakconomics they talk about this. (You'll like this Menorain because it's basically psych)

Example 1:
They had people ranging from male and female and homely to attractive ask for donations for certain charities. (To make a long story short) They found that those who were more attractive out of 6 people made 50% more then those who were not as attractive. Not to mention that blondes are generally found as more attractive and that attractive women would always rake in the most donations.

Example 2: According to a dating website that I can't remember (this is with white females) there is a price on looks. In order for a non-attractive white man to become as desirable as an attractive man he must make around 150,000 dollars to do so. Black men around 200k and asian men 250k. This is practically flip flopped for black women, where white men must make the most money to make up the difference and black men the least.
Diana... never use that vernacular ever again. EVER.