Looks can be decieving

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  1. Back in the day as a child gender didn't always matter. Friends were friends no matter who you were, as long as you could have fun.
    Morgan Pearson grew up as a Tom Boy, always wearing overalls and always refusing her mother to wear a dress. She looked very much like a boy with her short cropped hair and boyish attitude. Her best friend was the boy next door, and they did every thing together. They met in pre-school and had been friends since until they day she moved away when they were 8.
    Years have past and now at the age of 20 Morgan has move back to the town of her childhood and only to find that her best friend is still living there as well. Morgan, still being her Tom Boyish self continues her fashion to look like a boy, and reunites with her old playmate. They start to want to be around each other often, but because she really is a girl often acts a little weird, but she also doesn't expect to fall in love with her best friend. And what would she do if he ever found out that she was actually a woman?

    I am looking for someone to play the best friend/male love interest. If you are interested please comment below or pm me please and thank you :)
  2. That sounds pretty interesting, if you don't mind running more than one.
  3. Oh of course I don't mind running more than one lol
    Each one can definitely have their own twists :)
  4. However, I'm not all that great with starting off, so if you could set it up, that'd be great ^^'
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.