*looks Around*

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*slowly walks in, closing the door behind her. Looking around, her blue eyes notice a note on the wall reading "Please introduce yourself" she sighed, again scanning the room* But there is no one here ... *a voice inside her head told her something was.. but unknowing. clearing her throat she started to speak softly* Hello, umm.. I am Lavarisha. Lava for short is ok... I guess. *looking around again, she shrugged and opened one of the many doors leading out into this new world..*
Welcome! I'm Leo...I am one of the admins of the forum. Just be careful around Misa-Nyan...She's rather protective of me.

What so of generas do you like?
Hello, I am very much into fantasy and medieval times. My character is a shape shifter. I enjoy mature RPs.
I love medieval times. And I have too many characters to count... Mature roleplays are nice too. I'm in a few.

Well anyway. Welcome Lava~ I hope you like it here at Iwaku.
Welcome welcome! ^__^ <3 I'm pretty new here myself, but I'm just getting the hang of everything here. :3 Should you ever feel like starting a roleplay or something, feel free to invite me! > w < I'd love to start out with you~! <3
Howdy miss loverly new person! :D
thank you everyone for the welcomes! still looking around seeing where i might fit in
Slowly peeks around the corner her red hair hiding her eyes, her body half visible. "Hello I'm Misuki you can call me that if you like that is. I'm new here to nice to met you." She spoke softly as she extended her hand out to you.