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  1. Hello I am new here, as some of us are as we just lost our other roleplaying site. I have been roleplaying for about 5-6 years now, and I am a single mother of two and a 911 operator so my posting is not everyday! I am looking for someone who is literate, and who can wait a day or two in between postings without freaking out. I have some ideas here which I will post, and I am also open to other ideas also. I play both genders, I don't mind doubling up if it calls for it, or anything like that.

    Student x Teacher Relationship(of course legal ages will be used)
    -Doctor x Patient Relationship
    -A guy saves a girl from a abusive relationship
    -Gang rival romance-Juliet style romance, forbidden romance
    -Gang secret romance- Two gang members within the same within the same gang. She’s younger and naive, he’s older and a total badass. He took her in from the streets when she was younger. She fell in love with him over the years, but he’s always travelling for the gang purposes, he’s finally coming home for a bit, will she tell him? What will happen?
    -A solider meets a young women through a letter exchange program. They write letters to and from each other and soon find each other falling for each other. After his tour he comes home to meet her, they will fall in love more, engage and get pregnant. He will go back on tour again, this time, he will lose his memory, from being to close to an explosion. He doesn’t remember his fiancé, his daughter or anything. They give him the letters, so will they help?(we will roleplay the letters and everything and until he loses his memory and we will go from there too)
    -an old high school couple finds each other 7-10 years down the road. Things have changed, they grew up, and stuff happens in their lives. Now that they have come back in contact what will happen?
    -Deaf girl x Hearing boy//Deaf boy x Hearing girl//Deaf couple
    - Blind girl x Seeing boy//Blind boy X seeing girl
    -Vampire//Werewolf//Supernatural x Human (I will play human as I don’t play supernatural characters well)
    -Gay/Lesbian couples- I don’t really have any plot ideas.
    -Best friend x Best friend
    -Teenage pregnancy
    -Older x younger
    -Married Man/Women x Co-worker//Younger person
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.