Looking to write some epic novels. You in?

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  1. Okay folks, I have two plots I want to do. I am looking for one person for each plot. That being said, that means I'm sort of holding auditions... I want these stories to be well-written, riveting, exciting, and pulling at my heart strings. I want to be connected to your character and you to mine. When I read this I want to get just as into the words and story as I do when I read books. Therefore, if I don't think your writing is quite up to my speed, I reserve the right to gently reject you. If I don't feel the character you're presenting, I reserve the right to reject you.

    I'm not looking for Shakespeare here: I don't always write ten page posts, sometimes it is only a few paragraphs. I am, however, looking for someone who can convey an idea and make a character believable. I want someone who can make me see the room through their writing, and someone who can make me weep for their characters pain, because I feel it so intensely. Are you that person?

    Now that I've scared off some people and perhaps intrigued a few, read on to look at the two plots. This is first accepted first served! Once I find someone to fill the role, that rp is closed. I don't do the same roleplay twice.

    Plot One: The Collector
    Filled! Thanks for reading!

    Plot Two: Beauty and the Beast

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  2. You know what, I saw that title and for a split second I got really excited.

    Domestic Relationship Partner ≠ Roleplay Partner

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