Looking to try something spicy? How about a DST Sprite?

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Hello! I'm Nue! I'm a floater of this website, but I've got some hunger pangs for some art in a game called Dont Starve Together! If you don't know what that is, here is a small introductory video below:
Watch a little bit about the game to get a feel of that unique art style.

I figured out how to modify the game so that I can make my own character. My issue is simply, I'm not good at art. I love art, I want to hug as squeeze art very tightly, but I simply am not the best at doing it.

Thats where you come in!

Some things that may be good to know about this project:
-You will only have to do some drawing( technically some re-drawing), I have done all the proper scripting and formatting for the character to work, it just needs to be drawn.

- You need anything that can draw and have transparency (basically anything but MSpaint tends to work here)

-You will get paid to do this(Payment method and amount is at the discretion of the artist via Private Conversation.)

- Based on information gathered from other people who do sprites, average work time for making these sprites is 3-4 hours of dedication.

-I'm looking for anyone interested in doing sprites, or perhaps someone whose done sprites before

If you are interested in doing this project for me, and/or have any questions, please talk to me either here or in private. and further instructions will be sent to you about the project specifically.​