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  1. Hey ya'll Huntress here. Umm...i have a very vague idea that I'm looking to literally start right now. I'm not looking for crazy detail or anything ridiculous. But I will ask for a minimum of a paragraph and for me to understand what you're saying.

    This is a light, fun RP with potential to become dark and moody, it'll probably end up being rather cliche but that's all good cause that's what I'm looking for.

    Romance with a bit of action and adventure. I'm looking for a male or a female partner, doesn't matter.
    Supernatural will be involved, my character being a newly turned werewolf (it's literally gonna happen right at the beginning of the game). I'm looking for the opposite character to be some other sort of creature or spellcaster, who is practically brought up within the society of supernatural creatures.

    The two are friends, last year of highschool, perhaps there is more to their friendship I dunno, we can see what happens.

    What I really want is for it to be light hearted, funny but serious when the time calls for it. Think of...Big Wolf on campus or something along those lines haha.

    Anyways, shoot me a PM if you're interested, maybe with a character already built and ready to go and we can literally start.

    P.S I typically try to be on every day.
  2. I'm interested!! \(°_°)
  3. I'm interested as well.The plot sounds like a lot of fun!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.