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  1. Looking for someone to play with!

    A little bit about my tastes. Personally I like original worlds and canons created by the players. I'm not overly fond or comfortable with playing in fandoms unless I am well versed in them or they have a lot of creative freedom. So just ask me first and we will see. Playing in a random setting and building the world as we go is also an option. If you prefer already composed ideas I have several different universes and can basically play GM/ be the "aggressive" player if you prefer. However! If you prefer controlling the game and letting me roam in one of your creations I also enjoy being "passive" and just keeping tabs on my character/s.

    I play mostly scifi, fantasy, and modern fantasy.

    Romance in games is ok but I don't write smut. Also I wont force love interests. I like it to happen naturally if the characters work out for each other. Pretty much I don't want the character I use just to be a means to this end.

    As far as the characters I play, it is pretty varied. I play both male and female characters but I tend to play males more often. I don't tend to stick to one character type either. I have casts for stories so my characters range in personality. I do get in moods however where I am particularly fancying a specific character for a while.

    My post length varies. I tend to write between 1-3 paragraphs, but it can go above or under depending on what's going on in the game and how much I need to convey. I also write in third person if that matters to anyone. I personally am jarred if someone is playing in first person so if that is how you write we may not be the best match.

    Playing in the onexone forums is fine. Privet messages doesn't bother me either.


    Some short and dirty descriptions of a few worlds of mine. If you are interested in goofing off in any one in particular I can go a little more in depth for you.


    Endra (scifi): A world that runs on politics where the upper echelons play dangerous games. Risks are high. Assassinations and dirty dealing is commonplace. So are fancy parties and twofaced-ness.

    Iell Sa (Fantasy): This land is filled with gods that are more animistic and dangerous in nature. There are many representing different elements and powers. The church and its clergy are the ones that bring order and protect the people from the gods with the very magic of the deities themselves.

    Testing 100 (scifi): In the future when the world is becoming uninhabitable a new way of life was invented to continue the human legacy. A fresh untouched wild digital world. These are the first 100 people being scanned in as the initial test. Naturally there are glitches and things have gone wrong.

    The Death Of... (modern fantasy): This takes place in the modern world. This centers around an organization dedicated to leading people to the after life. Hunt down people avoiding death and run into the occasional zombie or two. Kinda a tongue and cheek world.


    Hope this didn't go on too long. Just reply here or message me if you want to try a game.
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  2. Hey.
    The world of Iell Sa intrigues me. Do you have a major plot in mind?
    I think our interests will mesh well but before we start working together. Why, you ask? Well:
    I prefer playing girls but when it needs be, I have a couple of guys up my sleeve.​
    I don't force romances either.​
    I write in paragraphs. I know, I know, it doesn't look like it now but I swear I do.​
    I also write in third person.​
    I don't have a definite length to my posts. But I've never written a one-liner before.​

    So, the things I prefer we do:
    Iell Sa sounds fun. The Death Of... as well.​
    Since they're your worlds, might as well you be the aggressive player.​
    OnexOne forums, please.​

    I hope I don't sound bossy. I really am nice. And I'd like it if we can roleplay together. Your username allures me. *bites my tongue* Okay, that sounded creepy. Scratch that. Oh and things to note:
    There are days when I have absolutely nothing to do so I can post at least once a day. But there are also days when I push off my posting either because I'm busy at school or I'm uninspired. I hope you have the patience for that.​
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  3. It's alright, Neohmi, I don't think you sound bossy. If you're bossy I'm dictatorial by my post heh. Anywho, I too believe we could be a decent match for a game. Plus I also have external responsibilities that also keep me from being on every day. I'll try to respond somewhere between once or twice a day to a few times in a week depending on how busy I am with work. So it will fluctuate.

    We can certainly play in Iell Sa. I've wanted to muck around in there pretty bad as of late. It's one of my favorite worlds. Of course there are certain limitations to the world as far as species and abilities go but I'm always willing to bend rules if they are too restricting for your tastes! It is a game after all and the character interaction and growth is what I enjoy the most.

    Plot wise I haven't decided yet. I tend to wing it as I go. Starting with a simple idea always helps. For instance having your character new to studying magic and being accepted into the clergy and going from there. Or there is a particular nasty rogue god terrorizing a town that needs dealing with. Or perhaps a group of people outside of the church have begun learning to control magic and are using it for their own use or gain. There would be a lot of political implications there too since generally magic is not allowed to be used by civilians.
    But yeah I'm flexible with ideas if anything strikes you please share.

    So yeah. If that is fine with you I can write up a description on Iell Sa and see if you are still interested.

    As far as my name goes Its a funny thing. There wasn't too much thought put into it when I first started using this screen-name. There was an ongoing story between my friends and I, which was our favorite world and game for the longest time. It never was given a proper title so it was called The Story. I was uncreative so I started using it. Plus I love stories so I thought it was relevant enough.
  4. Nice, nice.
    I'm all for restrictions. I think of it as a challenge. So lay 'em on me.
    I think it best if you describe Iell Sa in detail for me. Then we can go about creating the characters and the plot from there. I like how this world reminds me of Bartimaeus Trilogy. *rubs hands together*
    I'll call it creatively uncreative. I wonder if Shakespeare wrote the sonnets the same way. He'd probably laugh at us, present folks, wherever he is.
  5. This really appealed to me and I kept coming back. I already can tell I'll like your role play style - your writing here is lovely enough!

    Iell Sa and The Death of... caught my attention most. Since someone has already vouched for Iell Sa, would you like to do another role play with The Death of... ? I like the general premise and have a few ideas for tweaking some details.

  6. Awesome. I'll try and complete the write up on it tomorrow. I was out today. Tomorrow I have to render 3D images all day on the computer so I'll be stuck with a lot of spare time.

  7. Haha, You flatter me. Hopefully you do like my game style because I wouldn't mind starting up a game with you. If you have ideas for The Death of... please share. It's still a vague idea compared to the others listed. It's a fresh new world and could do with some fleshing out.
  8. If you don't mind, I would like omitting the zombies. I understand why they're there theme wise, but I think we can have a great role play with other death-related creatures, such as hell hounds, demons, and vampires. As for the organisation, I was thinking of using my angel character that is not the nicest of beings. I think he suits this role play spectacularly well. He is in the organisation for his own reasons though, not just to bring cheaters of death to the other side. But he does really enjoy that part.

    Perhaps our characters are partners? It would be safer and more logical to not have these hunters hunting alone. Especially since some fowl creatures out there - hell hounds, demons, whatever else we desire - are also looking to make some kills. I would like for us to start the role play prior to their assignment together though.
  9. Leaving a quick message to let you both know I may take another day or so to get back to you. I'm having a surprise family visit.
  10. No worries! Have a good time with your family and we'll speak to you soon. <3
  11. Have fun then!
  12. Alright I'm back! apologies for the wait.

    For Neohmi, here is a general idea on some of the functionality of the world. I'm not going to go too much in depth beyond this so there can be some flexibility, but if you want any specific questions answered I can do that.


    The World:
    Iell Sa is a place similar to our middle ages with little technology ran by a clerical hierarchy of mages referred to as Eternals. They use exclusive knowledge of the Gods to both protect and control their realm. Magic comes from the Gods who appear in all shapes and sizes. The Eternals capture and manipulate these creature for their uses. The common folk lack specific knowledge, especially that pertaining to magic. Most people are also superstitious. Those from the land practice varying religions but nearly all pertain to the Gods. Some worship specific deities whose powers impress them while others revere all the gods equally. There are also those that think of the gods as no more than gifted animals and worship none at all. There are innumerable practices that can be paired with people’s individual beliefs.

    The world itself is vast and varies in terrain. When it comes to Iell Sa the central and largest part of the continent is temperate. It is very green with fields, forests, lakes, and a few small mountains. Up North and Northeast are colder lands blocked off by a large tundra and harsh mountain range, only passable with the help of magic. Down South is a dryer strip of land but soon turns tropical at the coast.

    General Theology: It is common belief that at one point in history there was a singular God. That God offered their abilities for humans to use, splitting themselves into many to service mankind. That is how magic was given to the people.

    Magic Use and rules
    - No innate powers for humans.
    *Shaole - These are a special case because of the intimate process in which the God comes in contact with the person to create the Shaole. This can leave them with a possible ability or an adverse effect.

    - Casting
    These are the methods used to summon a God.

    *By scroll - This is the fastest method to summon a God. Scrolls are created beforehand by any of the other methods. They are made to keep the God from roaming freely and being a danger to the public, but are also cast when needed for practical use and to deter other powerful Gods. To use a scroll you tear it open and the God is released to follow your command. The command does not have to be spoken and the God will only obey whomever opens the scroll.

    *By speech - This can be used on any rogue that is present. You must speak in Ca Vaal to encourage the God to work on your behalf. It is a tricky task to earn their obedience. Each creature is different and displays a unique personality so approaching them requires different methods. Once you have their allegiance they can be either bound into a scroll or commanded immediately.

    * By writing or symbol - This works a lot like speech. The big difference is this can allow a concentration of energy that calls forth a god from any corner of the globe as long as it is not already bound. As long as you understand the combination of symbols that is whatever particular God's name in Ca Vaal, and know how to say it you can summon them to you. Learning this is trickier than it sounds and once present you need to still convince the God to obey your command. From there you may give it an order or bind it to a scroll.


    *The power over any given God is temporary.

    *Commands can be lengthy or short lived. A blast of fire may be instantaneous while sending a god to search for someone's whereabouts may take a couple days.

    *Once a command is fulfilled the God will dissipate and reappear wherever it pleases on the globe. This will also happen if another God stops your command from being carried out or the command is not doable in the first place.

    Terms and Definitions :

    Iell Sa- (e-el-sä)- The name of the main continent this story takes place on.

    Eternals a.k.a. Imathyne (em-ä-thēn) Most commonly known as Eternals, but occasionally referred to in Ca Vaal as Imathyne. A privileged and respected class. This is the title of the clerics that have been educated and are proficient in magic, being promoted into a position that allows them to use it without supervision. Their duties vary. Often they work to capture rogue gods and protect common folk. Some are spiritual leaders while others provide services with their magic, such as safe travel or healing. The most knowledgeable and experienced of these clerics serve as supervisors to leaders and kings. They are considered to hold a great deal of political influence.

    Maulhe (mäl-hē) Blessed Ones- Extremely tall thin leathery looking creatures on digitigrade legs. They are humanoid and look like they could have once been similar to people. You never see their faces because they are covered by masks much like the gods. They are intelligent but keep to themselves for the most part. When they do speak with people it is through a kind of telepathy. Usually they speak warnings or give wisdom. Not much is known about them. Common folk fear they are a bad omen before disaster. Though some of the clerics also believe this there are those that speculate they are related to the old god and are demi gods themselves. Whether they are good or evil is unknown. Perhaps a bit of both.

    Ca Vaal- (kä-vāl)- The language of the gods used to summon then control them. Only people well versed in magic can speak the language fluently. The gods only speak in Ca Vaal as far as all of the world is aware.

    Shaole (shä-ōōl) Hollow Ones- Created through taboo magic. These are people that are believed to exist without a soul which was used in exchange for some great gain. For example a dead loved one can be returned at that cost. The people created through this dark magic are believed to bring bad luck and are considered to be innately evil by most of the population, whether or not this is true. In return they are made outcasts or are often killed early after their making. The sure sign of a Shaole is the color of their eyes which are always violet.

    Duuan- A beast of burden, used much like a horse or mule domesticated for various uses. They are akin to four legged land whales and are commonly found throughout Iell Sa.

    The Gods- These are magical creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. All gods are faceless and wear unique masks. The smaller or weaker the god the easier they are to control and the more simple and animal minded they are. There are more powerful gods that can be larger or humanoid in some ways. These can be capable of speech or more intelligent thought. However these creatures can still be vicious and instinctual making them extremely dangerous. All gods are proud beasts and are easily offended if not treated properly. None speak the common tongue but understand it well enough.

    Rogues- These are gods that are unbound. They roam freely across the globe. More often than not a god is referred to as rogue when they are especially dangerous to people, but a rogue can be any god that isn’t under direct human control.
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  13. This sounds good to me. I would prefer my character and yours to be partners too. There is some intrigue there especially if your character has other motivations besides just working for this organization. I can negate the zombie character I have. He was still a supporting character in the works anyways. But the idea was not to have the typical mindless zombie but a person stuck in a rotting body because their paperwork got lost so their kinda in limbo heheh. I dont know if I would play with him and if I did it wouldn't be right away.

    The character I'd like to play with here is a woman though. She had signed a contract early while she was alive to acquire success. In return she would have to work off those debts by being brought back as one of these hunters in the afterlife. So that's sort of how she got involved. She's still in the works much like the world (which is alternate modern Earth) which hasn't been fleshed out so a lot can be figured out during gameplay if you don't mind.
  14. Although not a fan of zombies, I really do like that character idea of yours! I'm such a traditionalist when it comes to zombies I get upset with the now quite loose definition. That and I've always preferred other "Halloween monsters" as it were.

    I love strong female characters. :) I like her predicament, too. And I'm definitely fine with working out a lot of the details IC. I think that's one of the best ways to get to know a character.

  15. Alrighty. I can start a thread tomorrow if you are ready. Perhaps I'll have it begin where my character is first being put on an assignment and is introduced to their partner (your character) for the first time. Sound good? We can wing it from there.
  16. Also, Neohmi, let me know if you have any ideas for characters you would like to use. If you need more info on the world I can answer any questions, but I still wanted some leniency when it comes to cultures, towns, and cities. That can be figured out.

    Here are a couple of the characters for myself I have pre made for the universe. Some of their usual traits may be negated for game sake but their personalities and most info still stands.



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  17. So sorry. It's been a busy week. Hmm.... I'm thinking of creating an assistant librarian of the clergy library or something. Then a thief, most likely a non-magic-user.
    The idea of the rogue god thing can be a good start. Maybe the thief steals something with a symbol from a dead guy, not knowing the god engraved is responsible with the terrors of said rogue god.
    Do you have any other ideas?
  18. Sounds excellent! Looking forward! :)
  19. No problem. I've been a bit slow getting these off the ground. I get busy in the week too.

    Well off of your idea I'd suggest your thief run into Rymiden or be working with him for a time. He does a lot of shady work because he is a shaole and needs the money where he can get it. So they would naturally bump into each other. If the item has an engraving are you suggesting the item is attracting the rogue and that is why its been hanging about terrorizing people? or that its like a scroll with a dangerous god bound in it? Either way could be interesting. Plus if they are hanging onto a magic artifact that would eventually get the attention of the Eternals.
    Its a good start.
    Mirkeil would also get himself involved because he's young stupid and impatient. Possibly trying to retrieve the dangerous item himself if its caught wind that its gone missing. That's assuming the clerics were aware or become aware of the items existence.
    Also he is a dork and likes these wonderful little things called books, so he's naturally going to come into contact with your librarian if you make them. possibly pull them into trouble. he's good at that.
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