Looking to start a romance rp.

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  1. Hello my name is Mr.Fox. I am looking to engage in a romance/ action RP. I haven't done a romance rp in years, one of the only Genres I've been out of for awhile. I could play as male or female, whichever you prefer. My female would be Mitsusawa my viper, my Male Avriano the golden eyed fox king. You can either hit me up here or via private message. No plot at the moment, but I am willing to brainstorm something up. Thank you for your time.
  2. Hmm, looked over at a few things and decided to take up your offer. ^^ I only play female roles and I certainly like the idea of a fox king. I don't really have any romance rp's going on right now but I'm pretty familiar with action rp's.

    Want to brainstorm with me? :D
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  3. Sure thing, that works for me. What setting are your characters? Avriano is Fantasy, currently in a dark mature set in a europe like continent. Though he himself is more fro a fuedal Japan setting, so either one of those would work if they interest you.
  4. If you can send me a character sheet, I can create a character off of that. Haha I don't really have a character per say unfortunately.. :/
    I like both, though feudal Japan seems more interesting.
    Have you any idea what the plot/world would be?