Looking to start a Demon and Angel roleplay

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  1. I was thinking of ideas, and was thinking about make a version of our life, where a war between Angels and Demons is stirring, with a new devil taking the place of Lucifer, a stronger one. In order to try and take heaven and defeat God, they look to the help of Half Bloods, half human and half demon or angel, which are some of the most powerful beings besides certain holy or demonic figures. Any suggestions or comments?
  2. I'm still interested, anyone else?
  3. I'd definitely be interested. I have a Character made for a Roleplay like this.
  4. Awesome! Maybe I could make a better interest check and get more interest? Or maybe an OOC!
  5. Would you like for me to send you the character and see what we can work out?
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  6. I'd join this! I was apart of a similar roleplay, probably my favorite ever might I add, but sadly its GM left.....

    Mind if I play the new Lucifer?
  7. Ooo, I'm definitely interested!
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  8. I'd be interested in playing a halfdemon.
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