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  1. EDIT:Thank you all for the interest, I think ive found just enough people to start something with,so no more messages please!

    Eeeeeey. So, before introductions or anything of the like, I would like to start by saying if you use words such as 'yaoi' 'uke' 'seme' 'yuri' or like to describe yourself as 'random' or 'insane', this is not the thread for you.
    Gone? Cool, lets continue,

    Hi I'm the firey orb of unspeakable intensity up in the sky there making your life miserable, but you can just call me Flash .u. I am a fairly literate roleplayer and have been one for a good 8 or so years. Im kinda dumb and use a lot of chatspeak in ooc. I only do OC roleplays, though I dont mind some fandom settings.
    I really really love getting to know the person I am roleplaying with and jamming character shit with them or just tossin ideas around, so it'd be great if you had skype and were willing to add me there. 90% of it will be me making terrible jokes at u tho, uve been warned.
    For themes n other basic stuff I like, be sure to check out my roleplay resume!

    Heres some fandom settings I wouldnt mind trying out

    *Avatar the last airbender/ Legend of Korra*
    Game of Thrones/ASOIAF

    also I wouldnt mind doing some dragons idk dragons are so cool.

    i dont really have any plot ideas,but what I CAN offer are some of my original characters that I am currently up to roleplaying, so if any of them sound like theyd mesh good with your own, be sure to pm me!

    "Froze" (open)

    Froze or rather, Deneve J. Rempli,as is her real name is a french lady living in the USA,Indiana in the fictional city of Vintage Valley(tho setting can easily change). Standing at a menacing 5'0 and sporting a bust almost a third of her weight, she spends most her days working as a camgirl and writing sometimes rather macabre poetry. Shes a Realm God,which while not being an actual deity, does(to keep it short) grant her another more monstrous beastial form and immortality, which has warped her moral compass and general views on things such as mortality and what is and is not proper to eat. Shes a pretty spot on Sagittarius if youre familiar w zodiacs.

    Shes very hot headed and kind of vulgar,can pretty easily get inappropriate and sexual. Is very touchy and also really,really dumb like holyhell you wouldnt believe how stupid she is. She loves fun things like watching 80s monster flicks,doing moderately illegal things as if she were a rebellious teenager and wearing tons of frilly dresses and cute heels.
    Other things to note include the fact that she has Borderline Personality Disorder pretty bad.means shes super moody,bases her self worth on the opinion of others and engages in a shitload of self destructive activities,does selfharm and has sum mild anorexia. (shes an emotional trainwreck p much OuO)
    Shes pansexual, with a teensy preference towards girls.
    Preferred themes:modern fantasy,romance definitely,libertine,mby patientxdoctor/nurse stuff(shes in the hospital a lot), secret admirer or stalker rp,idk p much open to anything with her shes a super flexible oc.u cant enact ur darkest fantasies w this one lol

    Zara (open)

    (pic by glaceleau on tumble)

    ZARA is a shark shape shifter, or if youre familiar with World of Darkness, a darksea rokea.Basically shes more into chilling as a shark, but once she reached adult hood she instead decided to go on land and hunt down other shark shifters who have betrayed their society and went off to live with the humans, even if by doing so shes kind of doomed herself to be more on land than in the sea as well. Occasionally she needs to submerge herself in some sea water,so she usually stays near the coast or favors cities around lakes.
    So yeah....shes kind of a remorseless killer.
    Shes a very enthusiastic and very loud(she likes to shout) lady.Shes p muscular tho, has an exaggerated hourglass shape. She can totally kickbox and crush skulls w her thighs. She has GIGANTIC HAIR and she enjoys african-american culture a lot.Shes a lesbian.
    Preferred themes: Zara trying to hunt down a land dwelling shark(action packed),forbidden romance(like w a human),trapped and captured as a shark by some collector w possible romance and cliche "hey im actually a person!' moment

    (warning for a LOT of burn scars)
    Nico (open)

    Nicola Noir,as he is known, is a french thug,mostly travelling the europe region,paris and amsterdam being his main targets. The blood of a fire elemental runs through him, and as such he can do a good couple of things with it,though actual pyromancy is not one of them.(Its a lenghty explanation so ill leave it out for now,but one of the easier to describe is that he can be reborn from his own ashes like a phoenix under specific circumstances.)
    Hes an Aries,Demiboy(preferring They/Them pronouns) and is Bisexual.slight preference towards males.
    At some point addicted to heroin,but never quitting smoking&drinking both of which he loves to do excessively.

    Although he is very fair,judges others as he would like them to judge him, he is very controlling, has very strict boundaries and is generally just Aboslutely No Fun At All.unless u get him drunk, cause thats when the real aries in him comes out. hes very rutheless and hot tempered,kind of sadistic and tbh thinks he knows better than others. All he wants in life is Money,Power&Glory,so he can do a lot of regrettable things like backstab you or steal from you.
    Preferred themes:MOB SHIT. Druglords bodyguard(romance or maybe betrayal from nicos side),detectivexcriminal(snitch maybe),Bonnie&Clyde type stuff,Kidnapping ur oc and holding for ransom, idk u name it

    Also, I have some more characters over on mycharahub, if any of em interest u too!<u>
    WARNING:i am an artist and i live 4 shitty oc ships, so you bet your ass im gonna bombard you with dumb draws, esp if it ends up being with froze,shes kind of my baby.
    PS. u can comment here or pm me,alls good
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    have u come to take the trash furry away because i am 100% open to that
  4. Interested. Sent you a profile message.
  5. hell yea u said bonnie and clyde thats my shit
  6. eddie and nicos trip to philly ends up horribly wrong in this latest installment of "Everything Nico Touches Fails Spectacularly and Burns Up In Flames"
  7. goddammit nico smh (eddies just along for the ride)
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