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  1. Alright, so I only have a few RPs going right now, and a few plots I really would like to do an RP with (I've used some of them in a request before but I have some new ones so I just carried them over)
    -No Oneliners
    -try with grammar, and if your not sure, ask me!
    -no text talk (I'm talking, omg, srsly, l1ke)
    -smut is okay, but check ages first
    -I only play submissive characters. Sorry
    - I have suggested gender pairings, but I'm really okay with any.

    The Perfect Girl~MxF (Open)
    Your character is a huge playboy, looking to find the perfect partner. He tries 'training' girls to have the perfect disposition, (casually signing them up for cooking classes, rewarding good behavior sneakily, and punishing bad, etc) but every girl storms out because of one thing or another he tried to change. He went into a slump, and became a regular customer at a hostess shop, just playing with women, pointing out flaws, and perfections.
    My character is a young poor girl who never had time for men. She lives on her own, cooks her own meals, tidies up, everything, with no help whatsoever. She was fired from her desk job due to a small mistake, and not finding any work, resorts to taking up a position in the hostess shop's kitchen.
    The two meet in an incident at the shop, and your character thinks she is clumsy and stupid (although she is quite the opposite) but decides that since her personality is likely one sided, she would be perfect to turn into his perfect girl friend. And drama and hilarity ensues.

    The Unwanted~ MxF FxF (Open, and I reallllllly want to do this one~)
    The unwanted princess (from here on out my char) lives in the small tower on the edge of the castle garden. She occasionally is allowed to come out and roam the gardens, but in order to keep her from the public, she is generally kept in the tower. Now 16 she has begun to rebel, breaking out of the tower often, and once manages to break into a ball where she has a conversation with your character, a noble of some kind (maybe a legit prince or princess??) and they speak shortly before the guards catch up with her and she makes an exit into the garden, running back towards the tower.

    The Yakuza'a Son (MxF)
    Your Character (YC) has been informed by his parents, that he will be put into an arranged marriage, angry, but with no way to solve the problem, he married MC. They start with a cold relationship, with the dilemma of their parents wanting grandchildren and proof of their children's marriage, and drama ensues. (This can be nobles, normal people, royalty, whatever I just thought a Yakuza would be cool)

    Completely Mental (MxF)
    They met in a mental hospital, their parents convinced they were mad. His parents found him plotting to hang himself after a deep trauma and sent him to a mental hospital, and her parents caught her talking to herself, as thought she had two people within her as she fought a battle.

    I'm open to just about any gender pairing on most of these.

    Harry Potter~
    Draco x OC*
    Slytherin x Hufflepuff

    Pairings~ * mean that's the person I'd like to play
    Older Sibling x Younger Sibling* (any pairing)
    Coach x Athlete* (any pairing)
    Fashion designer x Model* (any pairing)
    Devil/Demon x Angel*
    Movie lover x Book Lover*
    Hairstylist x Someone with crazy hair*
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