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  1. I need somebody to roleplay a yaoi roleplay with please and thank you i will not make the roleplay thread till i atleast have one person.
  2. Ill RP with you but whats the story?
    message me with your ideas on my wall :)
  3. -perks up- got any ideas on what you want to do?
  4. well i was thinking of like a highschool or a beach scene.
  5. beach scene? hm -strokes chin- I like it
  6. n.n yay just one thing my character will be a anthropomorphic fox. My avatar.
  7. hm, I've never done an anthro rpg before.....let me go find a guy I like -runs away to deviant-
  8. Ok and the thread will probly be up tomorrow if not it will be up tonight.
  9. cool beans send me the link when you can? please?
  10. I will i have been yaoi deprived for a while so i needs it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.