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  1. Idea One: The Night School - vampires and humans and hunters

    This is based off an RP I joined when I first came to Iwaku. I don't remember who started it, but credit goes to them.

    There's a "perfectly normal" school that has just started a new "night class." The influx of new students is kind of weird. You never really see the night class except at a distance. And some of the new 'day class' students seem kind of intense.

    This could be high school or maybe even college.

    Character concept that I'd potentially like to use: She is the youngest of a family of hunters who has been enrolled as part of the day class. She's got the theoretical know-hows, but you wouldn't be the first to ask if she could actually make the kill after you realize how amazingly chipper she is.

    If you're interested in this plot, please post a character concept.

    Idea Two: The Rebellion - practically any setting be it generic fantasy, elemental, gifted, realistic, sci-fi, medieval, modern, futuristic ... pick your poison, and I'll let you know if I can swing that way.

    I just want to do something with a "corrupt" government and people sneaking around.

    One possible scenario might be the rebellion breaking into a government lab in order to steal something. Maybe it's the mutant serum they've been injecting people with to create super soldiers that obey their every command.

    Or maybe the ruling body is anti-dragons and we've found a dragon and we're trying to figure out what to do with it.

    Character concept that I'd potentially like to use: He works for the government and has been "in on the secret," but he's seen what happens and he wants to turn things around.
    - Gifted version: Someone close to him had their "gift" awakened in them. Maybe that person ran away and now he's trying to come to terms with that.

    If you're interested in this plot, please post what setting you'd like and maybe flesh out what the rebellion is just a little. Taking one of the ones I've suggested is totally fair! (And feel free to expand on it. :) )

    Me as an RPer
    - I don't do romance. Sorry.
    - I'll play guys or girls or double or whatever.
    - Throw curve balls if you want to! It's more fun that way. :)
    - I'm not wedded to the character concepts I presented, but they're a starting point for talking
    - I'd like to believe I have a life. I might do things other than post, but I should be able to get comfortably once a day. There might be things going on (like the fact I'm moving coasts) which cause me to drop off the radar for a day, but I'll try to let you know.
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  2. Hello I like your first post a lot. Let me know if this works for you!

    (using a HS setting)

    Character: Rayna

    Species: Vampire

    Age: A hundred or two ^, ,^

    Personality: Independent, troubled, the girl who sits in the corner by herself, mysterious, the "cool" girl in the class.

    Bio: She has transferred from school to school, always changing identities, making kills from one to the next. A rogue, she lives with other rogue vampires but tends to keep to herself.

    Need anymore info?
  3. tbh i'd think the first one would work better with more than 2 people. More interactions.
  4. I like your second idea...PM me and i'll fill you in on my idea and see if you like it.
  5. I like the first idea, but I agree with Raitoningu that it might be better if there are more than two folks. Three maybe? Each holding a couple characters would make for more students and less typing work. .D If not, I could do a simple OnexOne, sure. Reminds me a bit of Vampire Knight without all the sap, since you said you don't like romance. (I generally don't RP it much either... It feels awkward to me.)

    No Art File
    Name: Sira Gables
    Nickname: Seer
    Race: Human/Vampire
    Eyes: Red
    Hair: Natural red, long
    Weight: 135lbs
    Height: 5'6"
    Age: 146
    Gender: Female
    Powers: Mind reading, shape-shifting
    Abilities: Speed, Stealth, Agility
    Personality: Sneaky, and can own a touch of jealousy. Prefers the few close friends she has to outright social situations. There is a very mild contempt for humans, though it doesn't show when she speaks to them, and she's always polite. She thinks acting outright rude is a disgrace: if you're going to be a predator, at least hold some grace for yourself. Other times, she is quiet and shy, but loves getting involved in conspiracies and adventures.
    Background: When she was human, she met a man who she fell in love with quickly enough. Everyone advised her against it, but she decided as a rebellious teenager that she was going to go for it anyway, and had fully planned to elope with him. One night, she discovered his secret, and he fought with her long enough to mangle her left hand, and then drained her near to the point of death. From the shadows, a friend of the other vampire came forth, and changed her to save her life. He'd disdained this 'friend' of his, and apologized to her afterward, promising sweet opportunities and a new shot at life with no aging or sicknesses. She smiled, and embraced her new predatory life, glad to have the chance to try again without fear of death.
    Description: Lithe and relatively short, with a round face and often wears simple clothing to blend in as much as possible. Her left hand is still mangled, and she wears a white wrap around it to hide the scarring and damaged skin.
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