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  1. Sup my homies! Zizi here looking for a role play or two. Check out my role play resume to get a better feel for more. I’ll just throw out the basics here. But I have quite a bit of free time on my hands so I’d like to say I get on every day. I’m looking for someone long term that’s fairly active. Once a day to a few times a week. Longer than a week and I regret to say I tend to loose interest. I will always try to let you know if a reply will be more than three days to a week late, all I ask is the same. I’ve only even been able to keep onexone’s going so that’s what I’d prefer but I would absolutely love to get into a group RP.

    LOVE OOC CHATTER. Through PM’s is what I prefer but I do have MSN and AIM. Lets me know if you don’t like something or you have an awesome plot twist idea. Or if you just wanna talk and become friends! On going plottage is a must. Also looking for someone to contribute to the plot. I don’t like to carry the plot by myself. I usually give big replies. Quite a few paragraphs in fact but no means do you have to match me. All I ask is that you give me something of equal quality. I know this sites frowns upon stating a length for a reply but giving me a one liner after I’ve given a 2-3 paragraph reply is a sure way to make me loose interest.

    I like to double up on characters since I have so many in my head. Or triple? I feel a well played cast can absolutely add to the arch of a story. It’s something I like to do, not a must. Gore, violence, action, drama, adventure and cursing? Bring it! Epic adventure with wars, murders, twists and turns? Love that stuff like a fat kid loves cake. Just don’t kill off or maim my babies unless I give you permission. That being said something needs to be happening in the role play. Characters just talking with no real plot direction will put me to sleep. I like dark, gritty, dangerous, adventures with deep real characters and a splash of humor to lighten the whole thing up. That’s an awesome role play pie right there.

    Genera’s and other stuff I like… (* means favorites)

    -*Fantasy anything.
    -So modern and historical fantasy.
    -Apocalyptic… (Post works also) It has yet to actually work out for me but it is something that interests me so I’m willing to keep trying!
    -Vampires. (God not the sparkling kind. I can’t stress that enough. >8[ )
    -Anthro (where I got my role playing start!)
    -Totalitarianism. I have a huge massive back story for this set in a futuristic setting. Government ruling a suppressed city. The city fights back.
    -Space pirates.
    -Angels and Demons.
    -Treasure hunters
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  2. You might have more luck posting in OnexOne requests (subforum of OnexOne Roleplays) or asking a mod to move this thread there :) I wasn't expecting to find a request thread here; this place is more for interest checking

    "If I made a dragon hunt roleplay, how many of you would be interested in joining it?"

    Sort of so you can fine-tune your ideas before you make a thread to be sure it doesn't just get ignored and sink to the bottom.

    It's good I found you though!

    I also am a hardcore fan of anything fantasy; either modern or historical (I like to mix up historical more than just to the Dark Ages. Fantasy in the 17th and 18th centuries can be interesting too, or even in the '40's and '50's! We just both need to be educated about the period we're playing in. Nothing pisses me off more than someone buying a CD in the renaissance era.)

    I also have my RP resume filled out, you should check it and see if you think we'd get along!
  3. Yea I wasn't getting much response here but I wasn't really sure where to start. I have since then placed a new thread in the onexone and have gotten much more interest. Which reminds me, I need to close this thread so I don't get over whelmed!

    But I am glad you responded! We do seem to have a bit in common. :3 And I'm right with you on getting time lines and periods right. I'm personally anal about knowing that time period really well because I cannot stand if it's incorrect. But for the most part it's more of I'm scared of -myself- getting it incorrect because of my lack of knowledge. Also lol spelling seems to be a major thing for me as well... I use Google chrome and it tells me if something is spelled incorrectly. I don't know why it bugs me as bad as it does but it just does lol.

    I regret to say my knowledge of certain time periods is slightly lacking, BUT that doesn't mean I'm not interested! I love the idea of role playing within different time periods with a fantasy theme in place. Some research might need to be done on my part but it'll be a fun challenge.

    Did you have anything in mind as far as genres? I regret to say all three of the characters I have mentioned are all in the plotting process of a role play but I have plenty more that I wouldn't mind throwing into a role play. :3
  4. I actually had a kind of a neat idea for a roleplay not that long ago! It's pretty cool because you can use previously-used characters with their story lines, and we can switch pretty much any element of the roleplay from time period to plot objective, any time we want!

    Basically, for the amusement of a bored deity, multiple people have been teleported at random to a world called Charn (because awesome reference) which is peppered with portals to every world that ever was, is, or will be. The portals are hidden; though they're easy to spot when you find one, they have a tendency to react to magic, to glow, or be strangely coloured. It could be a doorway, a lake, a hole in the ground, a mirror, anything, and it could go anywhere. In order to find a way back home. When it becomes apparent that they are being subjected to trial after life-threatening trial for the entertainment of a deranged immortal, our characters are going to have to team up to travel across worlds and find the deity who brought them there, and either convince it/him/her to send them home, or else find a way to kill a god.
  5. OMG LOVE THIS IDEA... I had a similar idea like this but it was characters caught up in story books. (Never Never Land, Oz, Alice in Wonderland etc) Anyways just wanna clarify, would this be a onexone with a cast of characters that we'll play or a group role play? I'm up for either as I don't mind multiple characters.

    I might not reply today as it is mothers day and will be very busy at the restaurant I work at. I have a pretty good idea that I'll more than likely pass out after. Offcial plotting will continue Monday if not Sunday night!!
  6. I prefer one x one's, I've been out of the group scene for a while, and I like OnexOne's a lot more. I noticed you like to play multiple characters, and I do, too, so I think we could make it work. We can also concentrate on the plot of two characters, and bring others in as they are wanted/needed.

    I used to work restaurant; they run you off your feet but its kind of fun earning tips and getting to know the regulars :)

    Enjoy your sunday, I'll ttyl
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