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PAID COMMISSIONS PORTRAIT REQUEST Looking to handsomely Commission Artist

Discussion in 'CHARACTER PORTRAIT STUDIO' started by Treason, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Hello ladies and gents, Treason here looking to ball out on some things. Before we begin with anything though i should explain a few things.

    I am not picky, never really have been. But when commissioning things for my beloved babies i do tend to want more quality in what i pay money for especially if it is in large quantities. I tend to order like six or seven pieces at a time and thus it is not ever really done lightly.

    Anywho! I am looking for anime-ish style artist, so if anyone is interested in having a regular customer just reply here with some examples of their work. Also, if anyone knows of any artist i have just described with studios let me know as well.

    On another note, the character in which i will be commissioning art for is this lovely lady here. Hope yall like her <3

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  2. This is where I wish I drew anime...
    I don't even know what to call my art style...but it is pretty high quality even for sketches (since thats what my shop is about).
    my 3 examples are only guys, But i do draw women just as well as the boys!
    examples (open)

    a friend's oc

    My own oc

    My oc again..hehe

    if not, i hope you find someone who fits what you're looking for!
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  3. Oh wow these are pretty amazing. =0
  4. Aye, if you're still looking for artists, I'd like to butt my head in. First off, though, I probably won't be able to accept any payments! I'm, as you can see, a minor, so we can discuss that later if you're interested. Cue the the examples!

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    This is a newer style I'm working with

    This is my regular old style

    purple boii.jpg
    And this is a quickie I can probably whip up in an hour to see if I'm doing your character justice.
  5. @Levy

    Wow, i really like your style. I'd certainly be down for discussing some stuff with you =)