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Hello all. I'm Velma, a returning member that had some things come up in the past that rendered me incapable of coming online. Now, I'm free to do anything I please, as during the week I'm off work by 6pm EST, and weekends my schedule is fairly flexible. That said, I'd love to start up a few one x ones.

So here's the deal.

I hate post length requirements. I'm someone who will try to match your post length for your convenience, but my muse fluctuates just like anyone else's and some days I can only muster a paragraph. That said, I'm not ever going to be able to write you a book. I don't think it's necessary for this type of writing.

I try very hard to be grammatically correct, spell things to the best of my ability, ect., but this is not something I'm getting graded for in school or something that has to do with work, so I don't believe it entirely necessary to be a stickler for such things.

I don't really enjoy writing from a male perspective. I'm female (I'm over 18, for the record. Youngins need not reply for something with more mature aspects), and prefer to play that way. I'm going to be most comfortable and a better writer in m/f relationships. I don't do m/m, and I've never done f/f and it'd take a good plot to get me to try it.

I love romance. I tend to like it to play into the plots I'm using, but it doesn't need to be a focal point for me to be willing to try it.

If you don't want to roleplay with me anymore, can't, or would like to move onto a new plot, just shoot me a message. I'm very understanding about these things.

Hit me with your best plot.

I really don't know of anything specific I want to roleplay at this time.
I'm not completely averted to fandom-type roleplays. My fandoms are:

  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Graceland
  • Game of Thrones (not completely caught up on the show yet)
  • Just now getting into The 100, so you'd have to bear with me
  • Greek
I won't do anything but OCs in these, but you're welcome to play canon.

Other things I'd be interested in (stars representing the role I'd like to play):

  • Bad boy x good girl*
  • Faery x human*
  • Human x demon*
  • Roommate x roommate's sister*
These all have no plots, so it'd take some planning. Just shoot me a pm, I'm up for anything at the moment!

Thanks for reading ^.^
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