Looking to fill time

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  1. So I have been gone for a bit, but now find myself with more and more time to fill.

    Right now, I only have one idea, so if you have any you wish to try and fill, you may throw them at me.

    The humans have finally decided to try and rid the world of all creatures that are not human, trolls, vampires, centaurs, werewolfs, everything.
    While Sayomi was tortured, drugged, and locked up, she found an unlikely companion. A male werewolf in the cage next to hers. Together they plot to make it out, and prove to the humans, that they cannot rid the world of their kinds.

    That is all I have figured out because I like my partners input on things... So, if you are interested, in this, or anything, please let me know...

    I ish so bored!
  2. I'm interested.
    Do you mean all other humanoid creatures that are entwined with magic? Or otherwise: Rid the world of magic?
  3. rid the world or any creature with the ability to learn and create. So pretty much any mythical creature isa good way to put it. Trolls, Giants, anything really mythical
  4. Okay.
    Since I'm interested in playing the werewolf, can I ask:
    How do werewolves 'work' in your headcanon? How are they 'made'? How do they shift? Et cetera. I personally think something similar to this.
  5. Well, what do you want it to be. I really do not care which one, cause both are rather interesting.
  6. Okay.
    How old would you like the werewolf (who is an exclusive shifter) to be? (I'm thinking about naming him Jared.)