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Looking to do an awesome 1x1!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kamakazi.kal, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I have still fairly new to this site, but have across a want to do a 1x1. I have not done for a couple years, but want to try! I am open to any ideas that some one has, or can offer a couple that I have of my own.
    Please, help cure my bordum!

    I am sorry that this is not very much information, but I am not entiely sure what else to explain about it.
  2. Hi :D I will gladly do a 1x1 RP with you :D I have been RPing for..... about a year? Anyway I am new to Iwaku aswell :D
  3. a 1x1 with two lady persons?xp hmm.. do you have any ideas for something like that?
  4. No not really, I will have to use my brain to think of something >.< You have any ideas?
  5. Depending on what you like and such things, I can come up with something. tell me about what you really like in a oleplay, like the settings and that type of thing
  6. OK Well I like fighting, like swords and stuff :3 and magic. And for scenery, barren landscapes and gory battlefields. And relaxed atmospheres
  7. lol that is definatly something that will be a bit hard to put together. But we may certainly try. give me a little idea of you character, then based off that, we will start to come up with ideas ^^
  8. if your still interested i wouldn't mind starting a new one. i have a couple ideas
  9. I am very much still interested ^^ What are your ideas?
  10. well ive been wanting to do something with werewolves are demons. or something like that. i also want to have lots of romance.
  11. I can do romance. I have never done a werewolf before. Demons, yes. Multiple types of demons, but never werewolves.
  12. If you're still looking, I'm looking for a high-response 1x1 rp to do with a female character. The storyline does not matter to me. It's all about preference! :)
  13. I am still looking ^^ I have happened upon lots of time to spare lately, so I can respond multiple times a day. I am open to most anything. I am not a picky person! xD