Looking To Do A Furry RP? (F Partner please)

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Note~Basically I'm Just Going To Put Down What I Would Prefer Mainly Just To Save Time But I Don't See How An Introduction Could Hurt....

Hello There! Just To Point Out Something, Yes, I am not a person good with intros. But With That Aside, the main reason why I just started on Iwaku was simply because I was still practicing on RP-ing.
So Here Are The Main Things I am Looking For As Well As The Things I Am NOT Looking For.

  • Furries
Certain (Will Pretty Much Say Yes)
  • Micro/Macro (Love this kind of thing in Furry RPs)
  • 50% Plot Based 50% Sex Based
  • Plot Development
  • Straight Stuff (MxF)
  • High Fantasy
  • Horror/Thriller
  • Plot Based
  • No/Little/Moderate Body Count (Up to 30)
  • Drama
  • 100% Fluff

No Freaking Way

  • Snuff
  • BSDM
  • Abuse
  • Melodramatic
  • High Body Count (31+)
  • Gay Stuff
  • Poor Effort In Posts

[BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Please Note That I Would Prefer That Someone Would Have An Intermediate Experience With This Stuff, Just Please Be Anything Higher Than Elementary.[/BCOLOR]
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