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  1. Hey there,

    I'm looking for some roleplay after a long hiatus from Iwaku. I'm interested in intricate plots and themes, and love me a spot of romance. However, the romance should not be the plot - merely a little side-story. I'm interested in dystopian worlds, modern fantasy... I can delve into medieval-style fantasy, but prefer modern.

    I prefer roleplays that have more adept/advanced writers in, but a mix is fine too... So long as there's someone with experience.

    Thanks, hit me up!
  2. I'm actually just about (though I have to write it all...) to post a RP I think you would be interested in. I'll let you know when it's up!
  3. That sounds wicked :)

    Gimme a shout when you do!
  4. Will do, it's taking a little bit longer just because I actually moving in a week but it'll be up.
  5. Saweet - what's the jist? I posted up an interest check recently for an RP I'm hoping to start up again.. Check it out? :D
  6. Sound maaan! :D

    That looks super sweet, can we post biographies at the moment even if it's not done yet? :P I'm getting carried away at being an Intelligence or possibly a love magi. (I imagine you already have natural magi picked out) x
  7. I don't have anything picked out, and for limited spots it is first come first serve. I'll give you dibbs on whoever you want but I'm toying with some other magi ideas so I wouldn't make a magi yet.
  8. Ahh exciting, I shall hold back then! :) I like to play pretty bad-ass women though haha. Femme fatale kinda ordeal, with a hidden soft spot. x
  9. That sounds good, though if thats your character then love magi would definetly not work... Sorry but love magi are more gooey, though you know the set of your character better than me so I could be wrong.
  10. Also, I'm not gonna lie, I use your name in a lot of RPs so... Nice name!
  11. Haha thank you! My actual name is Charlotte.. Charlotte Elizabeth.. x_x like the new princess. You don't know how much skit I get! haha
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.