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  1. Hello Iwaku community!
    I'm returning to iwaku from a work-caused break and looking for active partners to roleplay with. Preferrably those who can post more than once a day. Doesnt mean i dont accept those people though.
    I can work with nearly anything or am willing to try. Im always cirous for peoples ideas so dont hesitate to send me a pm.

    I try to post at least one or two paragraphs. Very descriptive scenes may have more than that obviously. But that doesnt mean i wont enjoy one or two line posts ^^

    Again im willing to try just about anything that fits my profile.
    Thanks and hopefully ill hear from you.

    If you have a question just ask im likely to reply soon as i spend almost all my time on here now.
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  2. With other 18+ members! Please only solicit smutty RP in the Libertine forums, or at the least specify that this is an option for 18+ partners only to avoid confusion :)
  3. Oops, sorry didnt think about that when i wrote that down. Edited, sorry for the incenvenience. Also awesome you got that so quickly xD
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