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  1. So I am currently in the process of taking more Role plays. I honestly have no Idea's what so ever. So if you want we can try and plot things out. I am looking for some one who is active but that does not mean you have to be every day. (I won't be every day) grammar, spelling are not the biggest deal, long as I can understand what you meant. o feel free to PM me or leave something :3
  2. I'd like to discuss some RP things, if you're still looking.
  3. Sure, I am always looking :3
  4. I have an idea I would like to try out. But just so you know it's more of an experiment to see what I would like. ^^; PM me if your still looking?
  5. Perhaps the two of us could come up with something if you are willing.
  6. i have ask are you looking for someone to play male or female?
  7. I would like to RP with you..! Please PM if you are still free in space, so we can discuss?
  8. We RPed before, want to do it again?
  9. I'd be happy to roleplay with you. Send me a pm? Perhaps we can come up with something.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.