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Greetings, beautiful people of this site!
My name is Ca´thululu but you can call me just C. It makes things faster. I am nineteen years old male from the old continent who had been roleplaying for quite some time, but due to real life shenanigans, found himself unable to continue in his hobby, at least until now.
I'd say that my writing skill is roughly on adept level or higher, but I'd like to point out that English isn't my first language and as such, my posts may lack the artistic quality of someone more accommodated to the wonders of the English language.


I have only one rule, but I think deserves a whole tab for itself, because it's helluva important thing.

Do not disappear from the RP without saying a word.

I understand why people leave RPs, they might get bored or the real life may give them a hard time, but please, let me know when you are going to drop. If you don't, you are mean, rude and there is a special place for you in hell next to the child-molesters, lawyers and EA executives!

Character preferences:

I am male, thus I prefer playing males. A few exceptions can be made from time to time, but I don't believe I give women any credit when I roleplay them and because of that, I try to avoid it.
When it comes to the characters, I usually play tricky bastards, pathological liars, machievallistic scumbags and my favorite, half-crazy maniacs. Tough guys, who solve problems by punching them really aren't my kind of shtick.

My partners are free to go with anything they like, as long as the character isn't flat, has a room for growth and doesn’t fall into the Mary/Gary Sue category.

Plot preferences:

Schemer by nature, I enjoy a well-made plot with a lot of twists that will challenge the characters and force them to grow. Give me some intrigues, conspiracies and a prophecy on top of that and I am willing to sell you my soul.

Also, I enjoy some romantic undertones (hate/love relationships are my thing, however cliché it is) in the roleplay, at least as long as it feels natural and isn't just forced for the sake of it.

Setting preference:

I am not so keen on the RPs set in the „real world“, as it lacks the freedom custom settings have, and prefer when the things are set in either fantasy or sci-fi settings, where we can make up whatever we want.
That being said, I still like more grittier and „realistic“ settings and try make everything at least a little bit reasonable.
Currently, I am really craving for more modern fantasy setting (something similar to the 17-18 century Europe).

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in the future RPs!

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Tell me, good sir, are you fond at all of the "Rogue" style of character? Thieves, assassins, that lot?

If yes, I've got an idea for you.

If no, maybe I'll come up with something?

Either way, you seem interesting. Shoot me a pm if you're interested.


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I am definitely intrigued by your description of what you're looking for and the type of characters you generally play. I have a plot idea you could potentially be interested in/help me fine tune to your liking. Shoot me a pm :)

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