Looking for witches and/or magical girls RPs *-* (FxF)

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  1. Hi there! I've been an user in Iwaku for some time, roleplaying mostly MxM roleplays, and I've roleplayed for way longer than that in adventure and mystery oriented tabletop RPGs, but now I'm craving something different.

    What I'm looking for:
    *Right now I prefer to roleplay at an 'intermediate' level.
    *I'm looking to have for the first time ever a FxF roleplay. I won't go into libertine though. Characters wanting to have that kind of fun will fade to black.

    *Talk to me, I don't bite. Let's discuss what we want to do in the roleplay, and tell each other when we can't reply for whatever reason.
    *Post at least once a week please.
    *Trans women characters are alright.

    By the way, I don't mind what genre you are, so if you're a man looking to play a female character that's fine by me. Now I don't have hashed out plots as I like to brainstorm with my partners, but here are some scenarios involving witches and magical girls I'd like to try:

    --Teen witches in a magic school, either for witches or for supernatural creatures of all kinds. Might or might not be divided into houses like Hogwars, but the school will be enormous and have all kind of activities.

    --Slice of life with supernatural elements and adventures here and there, and our two witches (or magical girls) keeping their powers as a secret for everyone except to each other.

    --[ROLEPLAY IDEA WITH NO ROMANCE INVOLVED] Little kids (from 8 to 12 years old) turned into magical girls and having a mission to save the world. Or maybe just their neighbours. Magical girls have to start somewhere.

    --A witch screwed up and brought a terrible demon into the world and she lost control over it. Good thing there's a magical girl willing to help her. Their adventures might take them to crossing all Hell right through the middle in order to put an end to that demon, forever.

    Also willing to hear your ideas. Have a nice day!
  2. No responses u.u C'mon, anyone wants to play with me? :3
  3. I'll join you if you're still looking! I have a great magical girl character, and a great witch character!
  4. Yay! Pm something about your characters n.n
  5. Hey, are you still looking for partners?
  6. If you don't mind a partner that tends to reply once a week because of issues, then yes, I'm looking for partners :)
Thread Status:
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