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    We Have:

    2.3 million posts on Iwaku.
    2600 active accounts.
    1800 members active in the past 7 days.
    1200 members log in daily.
    Up to 300+ members online at the same time.
    An average of 20 new members registering every day.

    That's a lot of people and a lot of posts! To keep all this shit under control, we need VOLUNTEERS AND STAFF to help moderate, maintain, create, poke, set fire to, and wrangle the members. Otherwise we'd fall in to utter nonsense and chaos, filled with sentient spambots, trolls and boring people! D: Without our volunteers and staff, we'd not have an Iwaku!


    We are ALWAYS on the hunt for more volunteers and staffies. Here are some things we need people for:

    - Basic Forum Moderation. Volunteer mods that would be graveyarding dead threads, deleting spam, moving threads to the correct forum, reporting issues.

    - Security Moderation. Staff members who handle reported cases, take care of member relations, and provide security for the community.

    - Content Creators. People that regularly post challenges, exercises, workshops, fulfill requests, or other content on Iwaku.

    Many of these things you can already do NOW, which is an excellent way to show you are serious about the responsibility! Members that are already contributing to the community will be the ones we're looking for first.

    Send in an application today!

    EVERYONE is eligible for volunteering so long as you've been a member for at least 4 months, and you haven't been running around doing something stupid like knocking up baby ponies or pissing off members.

    We keep applications FOREVER and look over all of them each time we're hunting for new peoples. But it is aaaalways good to send in an updated app every few months just to make sure we have a fresh one!

    Please note that wait times are RANDOM, as we grab people based on what we need at that moment. (Sometimes we need teens, sometimes we need certain personalities, sometimes it's about where you post. It's always different!) For some, we grab people immediately, and some people wait over a year before they are kidnapped. So don't get discouraged! Just make sure we have a recent app if you're worried. <3
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  2. I don't know. I've been thinking about it.
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  3. 3 more days until eligibility?! This won't do! *Goes into a flying DeLorean*
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  4. Going by what I was told in a previous staff recruitment announcement thread, you can go ahead and apply now if you feel like it. It'll become valid and join the selection pool once you pass the four month mark.
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  5. Use of steroids. Disqualified :D
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. .
    My body's ready!
    Let's see if I did that URL thing right...
  8. You can file an app whenever you like, really. It just won't be considered until after you meet the eligibility requirement. :)
  9. Also, don't be discouraged if it takes a while to be accepted! As Diana mentioned, they do keep apps on file forever. Some CVs get accepted quickly while others do not; it's all based on what the Staff and CV team needs at the time!
  10. I've honestly thought about it in the past. But for the past few days and what looks like the road ahead I wont be as active as I used to be. Not only that I don't rp in groups much anymore. Buuuuuttttt...... I don't mind getting out there more to clean some stuff up.
  11. So tempted... But dont have enough time.... WHY IS TIME A REQUIREMENT? WHYYYY?

    *Runs off crying*
  12. oooh tempting i shall have to think about this but tempting indeed :3
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  13. What's the difference between a volunteer and a staff member? O_o
  14. Community Volunteers are tasked with basic moderation tasks in the roleplaying sections like making sure threads are posted in the right section, archiving old threads, clearing OOC posts out of IC threads, and just cruising around their assigned areas looking out for rule breaking of any kind and reporting anything they find.

    Staff members do that and may also be tasked with actually handling reports, doing janitorial maintenance in non-RP sections of the site, running chat roleplay events, posting various types of content regularly, and so on.
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  15. I might submit an app for CV. O_O Should I have a lot of roleplays or posts on General?

    But I'll probably only be able to do this during December, after the first semester's finished.
  16. Do you remember when Fel was a staff member? Pepperidge Farms remembers...

    Eh, I'm not active enough to try again, and I'm not really in a great head space. Though, it was fun.

  17. Basically, one gets all the fun, and the other gets the responsibility as well as

  18. *Is tempted to apply*

    *Still wants to post and do stuff like he normally does*
    *Not sure if that stuff is seen as staff appropriate or not*
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