Looking for Villain MC for rp plot.


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Hello there,

I am a long time RPer who prefers long term partnerships and intricate stories. I usually design and maintain several characters in a story to keep things lively and interesting. As such it is rare that I considering any one character my main character. This lets the story flow unbiased on my end in regards to what can and will happen to an important character. If a character has to die for the story or as a result of a poor decision on their end then I'm all for it. That being said I'm a fan of great conflict and struggles to overcome a dire situation in a heroic or villainous manner.

I prefaced all that because that is exactly the kind of story I had in mind for my next adventure. A tale of a cruel and twisted situation for the lead character of my next plot. A life that he or she must endure and either overcome or embrace despite the machinations of fate. As I mentioned, I rarely claim a specific character as my main however in this one I will be doing just that. This will not limit my desire or ability to create and maintain other important and side characters throughout the story. I also assure you that it will only minorly affect the character's survivability, not his or her physical or mental wellbeing.

Anyway the basic plotline is below and takes place in a low fantasy high medieval era setting:
YC = Your character
MC = my character

The era of feudal lords and aristocracy is at an apex around the world. Local lords and landowners control their own realms with iron fists and the soldiers they employ from their coffers. Each lord owes their allegiance to the Royal Family yes, yet in reality the king is only as powerful as his vassals who are dangerously equal in wealth and power in this era. As such the royals are content to allow the lords of the realms rule their domains as they see fit in order to maintain good relations. Our story does not focus solely on politics despite the dire corruption and injustice there. It concerns a deeper and truer evil. A story so much more focused on the details of a seemingly unimportant soul in a sea of lives. In a distant frontier settlement skirting the borders of another kingdom's borders there lived a family who braved the wilderness and ignored the dangers of beginning a new life so close to a distant kingdom. The family was one of many who took the challenge in hopes of living a peaceful life away from the direct control of a tyrannical baron. Their hope was to be so far out that only taxes would be levied occasionally and that they could avoid the call to arms for any small conflict the baron would desire.

This proved to be a double-edged sword for the brave settlement as months after the small village was stabilized there came a foreign force intent on pillage in the name of enforcing border security. No warning or offer of mercy was given as the foreign knights brought down death against the villagers. Even those who had served in war before and had both equipment and trainer were cut down by the sheer numbers and ferocity of the invaders. Able-body prisoners were restrained and put into a marching line in the direction of the lord who had planned and ordered the attack on the small settlement. Several of the prisoners were children who were either brave enough to try and fight back, or showed good enough physical condition to be used as longer-lived slaves like the other prisoners. The attack was less about plunder and resource, which the village had little of, and was more about the acquisition of new laborers, servants, and entertainment. The prisoners had heard the name of the baron/baroness that they would be forced to serve and were apprehensive of their fate. YC was a well known lord of the neighboring kingdom, renown for military might and rumored to be horribly cruel to their enemies.

One of the slaves was rather savagely beaten and was the sole prisoner unable to walk due to his/her injuries having rendered them unconscious. They were one of the younger ones and one who had the gall to fight back against the knights. MC had managed to jump on the back of a knight who had dismounted their steed to finish off an armed villager. Using a small ceremonial dagger given to his family for service to the kingdom, MC had managed to stab the knight in the slit of his visor, plunging it into his eye before being pulled off by nearby footmen and beaten into unconsciousness. The downed villager was MC's father and had lost consciousness before he could help his child. The story begins a day later on the arrival of this new stock of villagers to YC's castle overlooking the nearby town. The knight did not survive his deep wound and the captain of the raiding party presented the knight's body to YC along with the dagger that was used to kill him. The dagger was significant in many ways as it was not only an intricate royal gift but it was also made of unique silver and engraved with scripture to ward off evil. It was a holy weapon designed to destroy supernatural creatures. Something quite threatening to one such as YC who is of unholy origins


There is more intrigue to be revealed as we continue this tale. However I do wish to confirm that I would prefer if you designed your character as some kind of evil being. Whether that be something like a vampire, demon, or demi-god is your decision. You may also be as powerful as you wish but do keep in mind that I will have to design those who are meant to be a threat to your character equally OP in their own way. As for my character's origins and powers. I haven't decided on a gender and would ask you for your preference before we started. He/she has no training, magic, powers, or other such abilities due to their upbringing as a normal child. The RP will also feature a few time skips at the beginning just to get it to the point where the action can go down without neglecting YC's interactions and influences on MC's childhood