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  1. Aight, decided to throw this shit up to see if there’s any interest for this. Basically, I’m looking for users that would throw down and help build a fantasy world for everyone to dick around in. Want dragons? Sure. Want an island of hags that are into mermen? Aight. Interested in mother fucking riding on a raptor’s back in battle? Fuck yeah! Possibilities are endless! I need at least 7-9 users that can toss down solid ideas and work well with others in creating one killer setting. SO… then what the fuck is the plot gonna be?

    I got that covered!

    SO… after this world gets built and shit… we’re gonna create two guilds! Two guilds that can’t stand each other and always out to beat the other. It’s your basic group rivalry thang with random quests thrown in there to stir competition between the two. The plot of the story is pushed along with how these guilds are affecting the world… and dark things to come (with group plotting!).

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  2. Dooooooown for the reboot
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  3. Yep! It's the reboot! BU
  4. You know anyone on Iwaku that'd be interested, Rissa?
  5. I'm down as you know!!! I'd be upset if my sacrificial merpeople never got used
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  6. Yaaaaaa~! The crazy mer peeps and their sacrifices~! That's 3 (counting me). -rubs hands together-
    I'm still down with my desert region... except I want all the world (most) have dinosaurs somewhere in them. xD ALL THE DINOS! DINOS ON LAND. THE SEA. THE SKY!
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  7. Hmm, I might be interested. I'd want to know more about it though before I go digging in further haha! Is it some kind of mash up between prehistoric and fantasy? I see there might dinosaurs and dragons? Am I overlooking this? xD
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  8. Basically @queen isla, I want users to come together to make a fantasy setting/world that we all can dick around in. So... there can be dinosaurs, but the tech level is different. Or, there's magistones (lookin' at Mono). So much! It's up to all the users that are down to work together and what not.
  9. Hmm, maybe I'll stick around. I'm personally not too hot on dinosaurs being a part of a fantasy world or anything else that feels out of the ordinary, but I'll keep track of this and see what other people come up with!
  10. I'm interested in seeing where this goes!
  11. As a head's up: those that create the world WILL only be the ones that will be RPing in here. = w= /
  12. Color me intrigued. I'll give it a shot.
  13. @queen isla
    well being frank about the entire dragon/dino thing, our image of dragons stem from reptilian creatures which are said to be descendants of dinosaurs. I don't really see how the presence of dinosaurs could detract from the fantasy experience. our idea of wyverns could be pterodactyls for all we know; renaming something goes a long way towards immersion.

    on another note, I'm one of the people who was part of the initial group of persons @devil’s 4DV0C473 invited to do this with.
    this is a city I made specifically for this rp. if you're looking for an additional reference, my concept of fae is also a decent example of what kind of work we're looking for from you (albeit this one isn't for this roleplay).
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  14. I did not come here stalking @monopoisoner

    I'm definitely interested in this idea! I might need some practice world building, so please give me constructive criticism on the way!
  15. @monopoisoner I'm not sure I understand you, but what I'm trying to say is that I do have my own idea of what a fantasy world is like. I've never put dinosaurs in my fantasy world because that's just me. I just personally don't like having dinosaurs in my fantasy worlds. :P
  16. @queen isla
    I'm just saying that while devil may be using dinosaurs, if renamed, they are akin to any fantastical creature one may find in any fantasy book.
  17. You can say that my love for Dinotopia is showing: a fantasy thread that revolved around dinos and shit. It was my original plan to have a version of raptors, allosarouses, and pterodactyls bases on my DND 5E campaign I am in. Thought it'd be just fuckin' badass. Though, I can always contain it in my world and shit. But, yeah! Feel free to join in @Soli. What kinda ideas you have so far?
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  18. @devil’s 4DV0C473 Skinwalkers! They are believed to be spirits who got lost due to lingering regrets after death that made them unable to accept the reality of their condition, and often tries to possess and snatch bodies away from the living. To appease them people hang fresh corpses on their roofs to offer them a place to stay in (morbid I know).

    By possessing those bodies the skinwalkers give them a conscience, but are unable to grant the body any biological functions due to the lack of a soul. As a result they don't need substantial food to survive, but instead live on blood. Basically turn into a vampire is what I'm saying. Despite the fast healing the reanimated corpses have, they are not invulnerable. A permanent wound that forms and remains represent the way a person has died. Eg. Hanging causes rope burns to form around your neck.

    The spirits usually leave the body after they've found enlightenment, either after resolving their regrets or accepting their death as fact. Regardless of the way, if one helps them to pass on they might leave a gift of 'vision' a stone shaped in the shape of an eye that allows the holder to see and communicate with spirits even before they gain a physical body. This skill is invaluable as there is a possibility to help spirits move on before they choose to take bodies. And after all, there are some secrets only the dead could tell.

    I think I rambled along for a lot, but I have quite a bit more if that's an okay idea... Thanks for asking!
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  19. Honestly, that's a killer take on "vampires." They seem like a cooler energy vampire. xD Would there be tribal groups of these skinwalkers or what not? Or, these skinwalkers hailed as some sort of prophet or medicineman/woman? It'd be cool to build this concept in a smaller region or something.
  20. -strolls on in-

    So down for the reboot. Need my Giant Knight!
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