Looking for Two Role players for rp

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  1. i am looking for two males characters.
    If you are interested in either one or both of these roles
    pm i'll explain more.

    character 1.
    ( you can name him)
    typical class clown, no one respects him and he hates his job as a castle guard.
    he goofs off most of the time, cracking jokes and hitting on all the woman who just turn him down.
    he's always had the hots for the princess but no way would she be interested in a guy like him right?
    to his surprises he has been assigned the responsibility of being the body guard of the princess.

    character 2.
    ( you can name him)
    typical bad boy, he gets all the girls.
    he has a smart ass mouth and dose NOT want to be told what to do.
    he dose what he wants, when he wants to.
    looking out for number one since he could talk.
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  2. I can do this one :)
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