Looking for the weirder kinks and fetishes (Dom Only)

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  1. Yes, This is for the stuff that no one normally does. There will be a few things that some people do more frequently than others, but I still consider it weird so it is here. In this thread I am looking for FxM or FxF...I have tried to do MxM but it just doesn't work out and I write it terribly. Believe me. I can play both sexes in both styles (sub and dom) so I am open other than that. EDIT: I am doing 5 new Dom rps now, and no new sub ones. Only doing sub now.

    You should know coming into here that you were going to get some weird shit...but this is the only weird stuff I could think of at the moment. If you have any suggestions for your weird kinks then just ask...I'm open to mostly anything. Except scat...sorry.

    So I'm going to put a little thing here that says which ones I would prefer to play.

    **Wanting it a bit more...
    ***Just fucking give it to me!
    ****Please? Just do it?

    Heavy/Light BDSM*
    (^Not children, just small, really small chicks^)
    Age/Size differance**
    (^Goes either way^)

    And if you have any suggestions, just remember to ask.
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  2. I'll do this with you
  3. Oh hai you wanna do another rp?
  4. I would pick age/size difference, transformation and tentacles.
  5. Looking for Doms only now. If you ask me to be your dom then I will decline, I have many where I am dom going on right now and I don't need another.
  6. Send me a pm please!
    I want to do Loli, and maybe tentacle
  7. I'd be up for loli, age/size difference, tentacles, or incest. or a mix.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.