looking for the girl<3 ( still looking)

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  1. Looking for a girl to play a all out country girl. I want her to be the country girl the guys sing about in songs. Riding bulls,horses, living on a farm kinda girl.

    This story is about a boy from the city sad past who wishes for his band to be big. He meets this girl from small country town and they fall in love ❤
    Sound good I know. Lot and lots of drama and love. ( anime pictures only)

    Need someone who can Always help me come up with ideas...i don't want to be the only one coming up with stuff...why all my rps die -.-
  2. I'd be up for this! Sounds like fun :)
  3. Ok I will get the thread started and my CS
  4. I kinda thought we'd at least plan a bit ahead? I'm not all that much into threads either. Could we do some sort of planning and not just jump in?
  5. Sure that was mostly a CS and a mini starter and I use my phone the threads format is better. For some reason the PM format is messed up on my phone. Why hell if I know
  6. I didn't know that. I just asked for it. I'll send you a PM, if it doesn't work at all we can try going with only Thread.
  7. I get PMs but they come out like this
    To play
    In my

    And it gets annoying to read
  8. I tale there isn't much of an optione then. I'll reply after I got some sleep.
  9. Its ok if you don't want to RP I completely understand.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.