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  1. Hello Internet~ If you want to get the gist of what I RP and how I do it, just go onto my Roleplay Resume ^^

    I'd like to roleplay a Mythical Creature X Hunter based scenario (preferably with a male character) in like medieval times or the Victorian Era (I seem to have gotten an interest in it for some reason...) And the RP must eventually lead up to romance too...

    Depending on how much I get, I can pretty much write a paragraph or two, if I don't get much, then how am I supposed to respond back accordingly? Spelling and grammer must be a MUST in the RP, but as long as I can understand what you post them I'm happeh<< this is just for lolz over here

    If you're interested, comment below or shoot me a PM~
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  2. I'm interested. :D
  3. Yay :D Feel free to PM me to talk more about the plot~
  4. I'm interested ;sounds really fun! About the grammar and spelling, though, most of the time I am on mobile and my phone likes to mess me up with auto correct. I will go through and edit, but I don't always catch it.
  5. Oh yay another person who is interested :O Same goes with me too with my iPod but I always proofread before I decide to send the message, it works :3 wanna talk about the details through PM?
  6. Sure, I can send the first one if you want? And another quick question, do you use CS?
  7. Yeah that's fine, and most of the time I use CS's but that's if my partner requests it and all that
  8. Okay, I will send a PM after dinner. Also, I don't require my partner to make one, I just do because I get bored and make them randomly anyway. XD
  9. Well alright then it's settled, we will write CS's for the randomness xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.