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  1. It's about time for me to get involved here.
    As far as genres go, i'm not picky. but i'd really like the following:

    • zombie apocalypse
    • historical [vikings, civil war, ww1 and 2]
    • high school/college
    • general anime
    • fandoms [hetalia, marvel, dr.who, ohshc, love stage, noragami, rise of the guardians]
    I'm open-minded to new gneres so don't be afraid to suggest anything.
  2. Maybe you'll be interested in Anime Idol High School
  3. Would you like to join a RWBY RP? You will be playing an OC and some canon characters will not exist; primarily RWBY and JNPR are being eradicated from the RP.

    RWBY OCs of Remnant | IwakuRoleplay.com
  4. I have interest check up in interest check
    Deaths carnival
    Gotham and or Sons of Anarchy
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.