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  1. Looking for something with action involved that's at least 50 plot 50 smut. If more plot than that's great too. I play a chaotic good male. I just don't do any yaoi and or MxM. Looking for at least daily responses, I understand life happens; I work 12 hour rotating shifts but try, and minimum one paragraph. Also longevity. I don't want it to die out from no responses. If I don't reply pm me I might not of gotten a notification that you replied if we are in threads. As for grammar doesn't need to be perfect. I'm not but at least make it readable. Also it'd be nice if you were looking to talk as we rp. I think its fun to make new friends! If you looking for something like that pm me or reply here ^.^ it'd be great to collaborate and make a rp. I'm generally always looking so just pm me if you have any ideas or anything you want to rp. I have a few plots I kinda threw together. If any spark your interest let me know we can tweak it and make it ours. Or if you have an itch for something just let me know :)

    Fandoms (I usually try to stay away but this is a list of ones I have a big rp itch to fill! Bold means the part I want to play)

    Pacific Rim
    x Anyone.
    x Anyone

    Irregular At Magic High School
    x Anyone

    Bladedance of Elementalers
    OC x Anyone

    Ao No Exrocist (Blue Exrocist)
    x Anyone


    (Untitled) [Also slightly based off of Oedipus Rex] Basically set in a Modern Fantasy country. There is a prophacy of a great time of a decade and a half of kinglessness and then peril and how the child if allowed to live will marry his mother and other such. She gives the child to the house doctor to kill. He can't stomach it and gives it to a family which can't conceive but wants a child. Now fast forward twenty years. Due to sickness the king dies. Then due to a super natural force it takes over the kingdom for five years. Thats when my character would come in and be the hero. But he doesn't want to do it. The queen seduces him. And basically convinces him to kill or destroy or basically get rid of said super natural force. Then she takes him as her king. And then the doctor reveals all. And shes ok with it if he is. He doesn't see her as a mother so he is ok with it.

    (Tale of two Jedi's) Set in the Old Republic Era. It is about two Jedi's who grew up together. They even shared the same master, due to special permission. My character was a force sensitive child who was found on a mission by the master. The other padawan at first didn't like him. But, years go by and the two padawans grow feelings for each other. But due to the Jedi code they drop it. On the last mission with their master, my character, gets into a fight with a sith and their master sacrifices himself for my character. So he has a sense of guilt. With that he becomes a Jedi Shadow. His old friend became a Jedi Sentinel. Under the guidance of the Council they take on a mission together and feelings come back and they get to talk about what happened. This will be very action packed. With a side dish of romance.

    (H.O.T.D.) So I want to base this off of the anime Highschool Of The Dead. Basically, I want my character and another main character to be best friends, can have a possible love interest doesn't matter to me. And its a normal day of high school. The zombie outbreak happens while we are at school. From some means it gets in the school. We fight, I'm literally talking like broken broom handles and musical instruments to doors if we can manage to get them off. And we fight to get out of the school and get to the safe zone. I'm imagining a small group or it can be 1x1 and we juggle multiple characters. It's no matter to me.

    Genre's and add in's
    Corruption of Innocent
    Mod Fantasy
    Sci Fi
    Star crossed lovers

    Neko/elf/supernatural x human
    Neko/elf/supernatural x Neko/elf/supernatural
    Teacher x Student (I'm actually looking for a dom Fem for this one as the teacher. Just to be different)
    Mother x Son (Another request about Fem Dom. Just because I take on a lot of dominate roles. I just think it'd be fun to be the sub once or twice.)
    Student x Student
    Best friend x Best friend

    And that's it for now.
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  2. That sounds wonderful, I'd love to join you if you feel like it.
  3. They look interesting. Mind if we talk about some RP Plots too?
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  4. Go a head and pm me! I'm generally always looking.
  5. The pirate one and the untitled I'm interested in if your still looking.
  6. Sure! ^.^ pm me and we can collaborate!
  7. I'm really interested in No One Dies Here, if it's still available.
  8. Yes it is! Pm me please and we will talk!
  9. Oh I would be very interested in Mortality has a price!
  10. Pm me and we will talk plot ^.^
  11. I'm interested in the Rwby rp!
  12. Go ahead an PM me! ^.^
  13. Hihi! Still looking? =3
  14. Ya sure. Pm me :)
  15. I like Mortality has a price :o
  16. Sure go ahead and pm me ^.^