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  1. Hey all. So I'm basically back after leaving for a couple of months when I or my partners lost interest in the rps we had.

    I have a really broad interest range which makes it difficult for me to decide anything particular I want to rp so I'll basically just list a few basic things I'm used to.
    -Yaoi; canon or oc of various animes ;; message me to find out which.
    -Fantasy; elves especially, but anything that's classified as fantasy. I'm iffy on both already made lands and created ones so itll depend on what the overall theme/idea would be. (Hope that made sense)
    -Sci-fi; Doctor Who.
    -Open for suggestions!

    These can all contain (or not) romance, I'm cool with that. I'm very relaxed and I like to get to know my partners too, because then I feel more relaxed when talking through ideas etc. Just another little thing, I dont like too much detail before we even start; I love detail as we go! I'm a very in-the-moment person.

    I think that's all... also sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammar.. stuck with my phone for a week!
  2. pick me pick me!
  3. Lol.. excited? Which would you be most interested in though? :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.