Looking for someone to share this plot with.

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  1. "Men seek progress; like a moth does a flame. Foolishly and without delay we find ourselves drawn to the flickering light. Unaware of what may await us on the other side..."

    The land is plagued by the Jenome; otherworldly entities drawn to our world through the use of vile sorcery and alchemy. Their insurgence has brought in it's wake destruction and fear; as entire cities vanish in a single night. How they arrived few know; but what is clear beyond a reasonable doubt is their intent to slaughter every human or mer on the planet. As the nations of the world and their people find themselves gripped by terror and certain extinction. A single star of hope dares to flicker in an otherwise blacken sky.

    A final plan to remove this blight; and seal these unwanted visitors back to the hellhole from which they came. But in order to do so they must obtain a powerful relic; believed to be tied to the Jenome phenomena somehow. Located in the very den of the beast (katugo, a once thriving city); ground zero and the birth of this madness. But in order to save the present; one must first uncover the past.

    This is the general concept behind the plot; as you can figure it is doubtful this rp will be concluding in a single thread. As such I plan to have it span several threads over the next couple of months. I'd prefer a long term partner; but short term will suffice. A few things you must know...

    1) This is a fantasy roleplay heavily influenced by various religions. Though some technology will be allowed.

    2) It is an adventure RP. Expect combat and terrible situations.

    3) Romance is not necessary. But it isn't exactly forbidden either; as long as the flow of the rp properly justifies it.

    4) Post length isn't important; however that being said if you have a habit of dropping out of rp's, losing interest, putting minimum effort and one liners. You need not apply.

    5) Lastly....Have fun!

    I like to keep my descriptions regarding the plot brief with many details being kept secret for the sake of permitting twist and turns. So if you have any questions I'll gladly answer them via PM or skype at chris.martin19701. If enough people have an interest in this I may move it to the fantasy section.

    The character I will be playing...

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    Name: Gerald
    Vocation: Retired Soldier living his days as a humble private investigator.
    Age: 32
    History: Few have endured the horrors of the bloody civil war and possess enough sanity to speak of it. Though his psyche is whole; Gerald the Lone wolf of Nabanouu has shattered in other ways. After the recent appearance of the Jenome, Gerald found himself reluctantly picking up the sword once more. Under the orders of the King he was forced back into service. This came as little shock seeing how he had become a war hero and legend due to the corpses her trampled over to survive those violent days.
  2. okay... im pretty much new here... but this seems interesting...how do I apply for it?
  3. Simple, post a character with some basic info.


    1) Name, sex, age, race ect...(Picture optional)

    2) Role in the world or setting. From a prince, mercenary, bandit, scholar or flirtatious prostitute.

    3) Optionally what back story you'd like to involve in the plot. I am all for allowing subplots to create diverse characters. This option though I can work without. And what you'd like to see happen in a general scope.

    You can post such information here or via the PM (Private Message) system. I can also be contacted on skype if you wish to go over anything.
  4. If you're still open with this, I would be very interested in role playing it, and I meet the criteria. If this is still open, just pm me if you want ^^