Looking for someone to RP with!

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  1. Want to find someone that I can do a one on one with. I have many roleplay ideas that can be played, but I need someone to play it with.
  2. I will! What is it about? *Hopes it's not Sci-Fi or Horror*
  3. I was planning on doing a story I have done before. A group of Vampires needs to deliver the Duke of Darkwater's daughter, who is also a vampire. Not everything goes to plan and you would have to find his daughter who is caught in the middle of a love affair, a woman trying to become a god, and a war.

    Either that or it will be a king who needs an heir but cannot have child. So he takes you from your normal life and trains you, puts you on a extreme diet, and makes you royal. If you have a suggestion go ahead.
  4. I'll do it! :D ‚Äč
  5. The second one sounds interesting to me, but we can go ahead with which you like best. ^^
  6. The second one it is. I'll make a post then PM you the link.
  7. Alright. ;3