Looking for someone to rp with. (fandom/original)

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  1. Hello lovelies!
    Welcome to my search thread.


    I am back on the search for rp partner's. For fandom an non fandom rps.

    About myself:

    - I am a female who plays either gender.
    - I'm 22 years old so I would prefer to rp with 18+ people. This is not for smut reason's just because I feel more comfortable rping with someone closer to my age.
    - I am an adaptable writer, which means I can write a couple line's to a novel.
    - I commonly reply twice a day or more depends on work load.
    - I am a gamer and comic nerd, so happily shoot ideas my way.

    What I would like:

    - A person with decent spelling and grammar skills.
    - 18+ as mentioned up top.
    - someone who is willing to double up if possible.
    - Can reply regularly (does not have to be at my speed)
    - Someone who can add to the plot.
    - Communicates well.

    Roleplay ideas/ Cannon:

    Overwatch (really craving)
    - Tracer x Genji
    - Mercy x Pharah
    - Soldier 76 x Mercy
    - McCree x Hanzo
    - Mei x Zarya
    Oc options too XP

    Witcher 3
    - Geralt x Yen
    - Cirilla x Oc

    Final Fantasy:
    - Zack x Aerith
    - Sephiroth x Genesis
    - Cloud x Tifa
    - Serah x Snow
    - Tidus x Yuna

    - Thor x Jane
    - Thor x Loki
    - Stark x Pepper
    - Stark x Steve
    - Steve x Bucky
    - Deadpool x Spiderman
    - Deadpool x Rouge
    There are so many my brain cannot think of them all.

    Devil May Cry
    - Dante x Lady
    - Dante x Nero
    - Virgil x oc
    - Fem Dante x Male Vergil

    Sly Cooper
    - Sly x Carmelita
    Oc x Oc

    Game of Thrones
    Far Cry
    Sengoku Basara
    Ripper Street
    Are you Alice

    Original plot pairings:

    - Modern day Princess x Modern day Knight.
    - Arabic Prince x European Princess
    - Futuristic Scifi Witcher plot.
    - Cyborg ninja x Mutant Samurai

    Well my brain certainly has many more things that I should add but... That can wait XD

    Feel free to comment here if your interested or pm me <3

    (Also if your an Overwatch player on pc let me know I'm always looking for more friends to team up with XD)
  2. Just asking, are you looking to play Serah or looking to play Snow?
  3. At the moment Serah, I play a lot of male characters.
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