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  1. Hey there! You can call me Ivy, and like it says in the title, I am looking to roleplay original characters/original stories with someone! So basically, your original character with my original character. I'm looking for one long term person (maybe two) to do this with, and probably become friends. Like every RPer, I do have a few "guidelines." PLEASE don't get scared away by them, they're very loose guidelines, I promise!

    First off, a bit about me (and I would also recommend checking out my profile, it's a tad more detailed); I reply VERY quickly, and therefore can reply several times in one day. At the very least, I can reply once a day, almost guaranteed.

    I have seven characters that I enjoy RPing as and would like to RP more as, and you can see them on my profile, and I also can give you a more accurate profile when we choose a character. I can also create a new character to RP as if need be (I love Terra and would love to more with her, wink wink).

    These are not going to be fandom RPs, although when we get to know each other we can maybe try some. In addition, they are probably going to be mostly romantic.

    I would LOVE to RP FxF with someone! In fact, it's what I'm most comfortable with! I can do MxF, and anything goes, but FxF is definitely preferred. I have no experience with MxM, but I'd certainly be willing to try! That being said, let's not force a connection. If we're doing a romance RP, let's pick two characters that could possibly develop feelings for each other on their own if left alone for long enough.

    As for "line minimums," I'd prefer more than one line, maybe three at minimum? I'm honestly fine with whatever, I'll follow your lead on that, if you want to do paragraphs, great. I've always wanted to do paragraphs, I'm used to lines. Whatever works for you!

    I would like someone either adept or advanced if you don't mind, though if you prove to be someone who can write well and interestingly, that's cool! Again, these guidelines aren't set in stone, they're very flexible.

    Here's a bit of a stricter one; please don't ghost me. If you start to lose interest, tell me and we can try to spice it up a bit, and if you want to drop it, no hard feelings. Please just let me know, and I'll do the same for you!

    We're probably going to end up creating a world, and maybe doing several smaller RPs inside that world, we'll see!

    If you're interested, PM me or leave me a reply! And yes, I can RP by email if you would like! We can come up with a world and plot and such together, I promise it'll be fun! Thanks for reading all of this, hope to talk to you soon!
  2. We may ba able to work out a story.
  3. Cool, PM me, let's work something out!
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