Looking for someone to roleplay with

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  1. I am ah, really shy, and kind of a pushover, so please, try not to push me to get to do things, because even if I am not comfortable, I do have a very tough time saying no!

    Anyways, I would very much like to roleplay with you.

    At the moment, I would be interested in an original plot, preferably based around people who have music in their life, in the modern day, though I am certainly alright with the future, as well. Alternatively, I like dystopia, post-apocalypse, government conspiracy, all that, so long as it is not too terribly reminiscent of things I have tried before. Certain fandoms are also fair game, I do suppose (Teen Titans, Harry Potter, Cave Story, Witch Hunter Robin, etc.).

    Realistically, I do aim to please. If you have something that you are craving, I am most likely willing to try it.

    Um, other things. I play male by default, but will play female upon request. I do not mind romance in most any form, but I am very poor at smut, and would rather not improve on such at the given time.

    And I write a lot.
    A lot.

    Probably too much. Maybe not too much.

    But I am adaptable. I do want to have fun, and I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable.

    I guess this is the cue for people to come in and state their interest? I hope.
  2. I would roleplay with you. I do not have any plots on my mind at the moment however. I'm a very good modern roleplayer, and I am gender versatile. You mentioned a music-related modern roleplay in your post - perhaps we can plot around that and give this a shot? I am certainly open to whatever you may have in mind.
  3. Oh, lovely. I was honestly not expecting anyone to jump at my music adoration. Really, I am up for anything that relates to music. Classically trained orchestra folk, opera singers, famous or not-so-famous rock band, anything really. Usually I am most inclined towards rock sorts of groups, a musician and fan, a couple of people from the same band, or friends in different groups, etc.

    I am not terribly picky, just let me know what sounds good to you.
  4. I'm not too picky either, but I only know about a few instruments, and I'm not very "up" on the music lingo. I barely get by learning things on my bass guitar. ^^;

    So, if you want, we can plot through PM?