looking for someone to plus a Kiefer Sutherland character

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Ok so I have been watching a lot of Kiefer Sutherland movies lately for some reason and I am dying to rp any of the three movies that I have been watching, I have original female characters for each movie too, here are the bios and the movies I'm looking for.

Young Guns
Name: Honiahaka - Little Wolf
Tribe: Cheyenne
Christian Name: Lorilie Reid
Eyes: Whiskey colored
Hair: Black
Nicknames: Wolf, Little Wolf, Reid, or Riley
Mother: Native American woman named Kele
Father: Traveling salesman named Thomas Reid
Horse: A black and white palomino
Additude: Lorilie was a bright and happy child who loved to make friends wherever she went while traveling with her parents. After her parents were killed though, she became very weary of people, not trusting very many people and making sure to keep away from bigger towns. Once she was saved and taken in by John, she slowly started to trust people again.
History: Since her parents had been married, and she had been born, Honiahaka had travelled with them until one day when she was still a child some men attacked and killed her parents. She barely managed to get away from the men, and was unable to get back to her mother's tribe since they travelled so much. She ended up traveling through New Mexico alone for years, stealing things when she needed them and sleeping in caves or in abandoned buildings so she could stay safe from people. While in Lincoln and running away from one of Murphy's men, she jumped into the back of an empty wagon and hid under some blankets, the wagon belonged to John and he took in the scared young woman.

Lost Boys
Name: Sasha Emerson
Family: Grandpa Emerson, Mom Lucy, Brothers Michael and Sam
Eyes: blue
Hair: light brown
Additude: Sasha tends to like being on her own more than hanging out with kids her own age since they never seem to understand her. She likes to take rides on her brother's bike when he is willing to give her rides, she is happier living with just her mother and brothers since she never got along with her father.

Stand By Me\The Body
Name: Cassidy DuChamp
Eyes: Green
Hair: dark red
Brother: Teddy Duchamp
Nickname: Cassie
Marking: A scar on the right side of her neck from her dad trying to stab her when she tried to save Teddy when he was trying to kill him.
Additude: Cassidy likes to have her space and draws a lot, she loves her brother and his friends and is always willing to help them out if they need her help with anything. She admits to having had a small crush on Denny when they were younger but nothing ever came of it since she never told him about it.
Job: waitress at Blue Point Diner
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