GROUP RP PLOTTING looking for someone to play edward cullen?

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  1. heyyy i wanna play a twilight rp. i am bella and i want someone to be edward =) i wanna make my own version of twilight =)))
  2. Hi there!
    I noticed that you haven't posted in our Member Central board, which is fine. It's not a requirement. However, posting here might help you get to know some people here around the site and give you a more enjoyable experience here. Perhaps someone will invite you to join their roleplay even. :]

    If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to ask.
  3. I'll play Edward.
  4. -runs in.-
    -runs out.-
  5. thanks =) this is my first time doing any thing like this ... so if you could help me & show me how you guys do this?
  6. Err... Is it OK if I post some not-so-constructive criticism in Twilight, and why I believe perhaps you should try something better? Of course, I will just say my honest opinion.
  7. *must resist rage* H-hi... Im.... L-l-laharl. N-nice to meet you.

  8. Bella please feel free to ignore this. Draco this is an example of what you don't do. You may not agree with the idea of doing a Twilight based RP but you're not the person that want's to do it and thus have no place to offer advice as to why they shouldn't.
  9. Draco and Lahral, this is a thread for plotting an RP. Please keep on-topic; if you don't like the subject, don't post.