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  1. Hey! I wanted to do this plot for a while, so here it goes


    The setting is the modern days, in a town infested with crime where a masked man has taken justice in his own hand and its being chasen by the police for it. Some people see him as a hero, while some other think that he has no right of killing people, even if it's only to save innocent lives. Basically, a typical vigilante story.

    The RP will begin with my character, the daughter of a deceased militar doctor, who is on her 20s and recently moved alone in a not really pleasant neighborhood. She finds the vigilante in some dark alley seriously wounded. He had fought some bad guys (we'll decide the nature of them later) and ended up in that state, where he couldn't do much more than crawling into a dark place and lose its conscience. My character is, of course, a big fan of his and will take him to her house to help him, because she knew that calling the ambulance would be the same thing as handing him over the police. They will later work together and face some other dangers.

    The plot will include romance (without sex) and may include supernatural things, is up to you. Of course, this it's only the basic stuff, because I'd like to further develop it with a partner. I'd like to later create some serious enemy for them to defeat, preferably with some supernatural powers, which will probably be related to the ones that almost kill the vigilante at first.

    Your character

    The original plot was thought with Oliver Queen from the TV show Arrow, so, if you'd like to make him fit the role, it would be great. I'm also accepting some other canons, like Batman or basically any other hero which identity is unknown for common people. If you rather chose to make an OC, it may just be a badass millionaire, someone with good fighting abilities or someone with any kind of super power. Just don't make it invincible. Personality, looks, background story and everything else is up to you. The only condition is to make it care about people and somehow realistic, I'm not taking a Marty Stu. The age must be somewhere from 22 to 32.

    My character

    As I said, she is a young woman on her 20s who is currently living alone and has some mid-time not rellevant job. She has some medical knowledge thanks to her dad, who was a militar doctor and taught her the essentials. She also knows the basics about fighting because of some martial art classes she took for many years. She admires the vigilante and always wanted to do something that great to help people, that's why he won't be able to get free of her and they'll team up. I will create a CS with further information later.

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    I think that's it (: PM me or post here if interested or if you have any questions!
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