Looking for someone to play a male char

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  1. Hello,

    I'm looking for someone that can accept to do a beginner/Elementary Rp with me since english is not my first language V.V I would like to play a Female character , so you would be the male.

    This would be also my 1St Rp in this Web :P . the reason i choose this category is because i do love Romance. It can be a dramatic, deep, romantic, caring , passionate, strugle .... i Just like to explore diferent couples themes!

    SO there is a list of couple subjects i would like to try ( you can give me new ideias as well!)

    * Vampire/ Blind Woman
    * Demon/ Mix Human- Demon
    * Medium / Police
    * Soldier / Pupil ( look tomboy and hides the fact that shes a woman)
    * Hybrids ( can be the 2 or just a char)

    xD for now i think thats what comes to my mind, I would love to know your feedback so feel free to talk to me :)
    After the choose we can discuss both about the main subjects and such!
    Also, time to time i tend to draw scenes of my last Rp's XD so if i feel and have time i might make visual scenes as well.
  2. Hello! I would love to rp, currently hte Soldier/Pupil interests me the most but I have very few limits and can generally be very flexable with how you want my character to be.
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  3. awww *-* thank you for being interest!
    Would you like to share with me your thoughts? please feel free