Looking for someone to play a female in a werewolf role play.

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  1. IGNORE THE TITLE NOW. I would like to play the female in this now if anyone is interested!

    Okay, so this is my own plot with it being based off something I read. Do not copy it.

    A boy who's been a wolf for years...no one know's who he is though each year he is around in the spring and summer as human and works in the book store, he's a talented singer and guitar player though keeps this mainly to himself. Anyway six years ago he saved a little girl from being killed by the wolves he is with. They all are shifters though it's controlled by the cold weather of course, the colder it is the more likely they are to shift and it's painful and horrible really though in the spring they shift back though they only have this for ten years until they shift one winter to wolf and never shift back. As wolf they can remember a few things though nothing all to much, this boy can remember more then most wolves in fact hence he helped the girl. What she doesn't know since she was passed out was that he shifted back to human somehow to help her get back home and away from the wolves. He waited for her to shift every day for six years since she was bitten and that's how you change though she never did, the reason for this being that she caught meningitis as well about a week after which overrun the wolf in her so she's just human..for now, though that cure only lasts eight years though they don't know this. For six years though she watched this wolf the one she knew had saved her somehow, she couldn't remember how..but he had. His golden eyes said everything about him really though for six years they stayed the same distance apart, never getting any closer or further away. She always found it odd how through the summer he was gone and really he was right under her nose in the local book store working the whole time. What happens then when a boy goes missing and they blame the wolves? What happens when a shooting spree is called on to get rid of the wolves and she finds a boy shot on her decking outside the back garden and his eyes...they are sold golden and he smells like the forest so much..anyone would say he had lived in it before..

    Basically it would all be about them both throughout the winter and more, her finding out what he is, who he is and what's going on. Them talking about her not changing and such though they won't know why for another two years. Him trying to stop from shifting for the winter but not working and more...later on there also will be another male and female come into it, the female before the male though, maybe.

    I can answer any questions and explain more if you don't understand it as I know it's probably a bot confusing.

    I also would prefer to be the female in this if possible.

    Pm me or post here if your interested, thanks.
  2. I'm interested in the main female role. Can you explain more about the wolf & the girl's relationship?
  3. To begin with, they don't know each other human to human. Him as a wolf and her as a human then they sort of know each other though of course there's no trust there for him as he has a wolves mind, she does actually trust him though. Human to human well..it builds really though they click almost straight away with his sweet nature and personality that always somehow normally stays calm they just get on..it goes from friends to lovers over time if that explains it well enough?
  4. That was useful, thanks :) I'm definitely interested
  5. Really? Pm me if you like so we can discuss it more. (:
  6. I'm interested as well :)