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  1. Set in modern times, an assassin has become the target of her own organisation. Though, while this may be the case, she cannot for the life of herself shake off the feelings of old, to wipe the past she regrets. Regardless, she wishes to put her life on the correct path.

    OOC: Please provide a character sheet for your character if you're seriously considering joining me for this adventure. There's no real restrictions to the characters apart from being overly powerful. Balance is nice to see, peeps.

    I'll provide my own character sheet as the first reply to give you a hint on what I'm looking for.

    Thanks for reading, hope to RP something epic!
  2. Eisner Cerei
    Alias: One Handed Shuffle
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human/European
    Age: 21
    B-Day: 19th December, 1988
    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
    Bloodtype: A+
    Place of Birth: Paris, France
    Current Residence: Nomadic Wanderer
    Occupation: Street Vendor, Magician, Assassin, Dancer
    Favourite Gemstone: Topaz


    Height: 6'2
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Iridescence, mostly of the lighter colours, but is usually hidden from view due to specialised glasses.
    Distinguishing Marks: A small scar on the left side of the mouth.
    General Appearance: Other than that of the avatar, Eisner is a tall woman with striking features. She is toned yet holds her femininity through years of hard training. She has abs and also a tendency to show them off, should another wish to see them. She wears formal attire, both suits and dresses, and does not seem to be fazed by showing off skin here and there.
    Strengths: Hand to hand combat, the use of spiritual energies (such as chi) to empower her body to new heights, acrobatic feats to a small degree.
    Weaknesses: Jumping, blocking incoming strikes when she is unaware of them.


    Allies: A man by the name of 'Instigator'. Not much is known about him.
    Enemies: Anyone Instigator orders her to take out.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To take out those who go against Instigator without question.
    Aspirations: To break free of her job as an assassin, to find love, those kinds of things.
    Hobbies: Sharpen blades, from daggers to swords, and dancing within her residence for the night.
    Likes: Dancing above all else, along with cooking and sliding her blades upon throats of her enemies.
    Dislikes: Whiny people, those who cannot shut up, and those who impede her work.
    Talents: A keen eye for detail, the ability to empathise with people.
    Inabilities: Being considerate, being harsh toward those going through a tough time, not being able to go against Instigator's word.
    Fears: Oceans, drowning, wasps, heights.
    General Personality: A harsh character who will stop at nothing for her job. While she does dance, it's hardly a display of expression, rather something to distract and use as a weapon with her assassination techniques.
    Inner Personality: A loving person who wishes to rid the world of actions which she herself partakes in. A world without paid crime is a world saved. Though, she seems to be naive and doesn't allow this fact to be known, especially when Instigator is on the phone.
    Fondest Memory: When her daughter once walked the earth with her.
    Biggest Regret: The one day where her daughter was killed by those who then hired her, forcefully.


    Special Items:
    Furai Athame - an anti-magical dagger which can carve through many forms of magic.
    Birth Pendant - a pendant she was going to give to her deceased daughter.
    Knives, tomahawks upon her body.
    Knows how to use most one handed weaponry.


    Not much is known about her beyond her name and her occupation - none really get to find out either.
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