Looking for someone to draw my frankenstein mess of a character (paid)

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  1. Okay so, I have this character whose design is intentionally all over the place, and I'm hoping someone will find the concept interesting and draw it for me! The circumstances of their birth led them to appear as a mish-mash of other races found in their universe. There will be anthro elements and wings. I'm looking for a color full body shot, and I'm happy to pay whatever you think is fair.

    Here's all the info I've got ready. I'm more than willing to go into more detail on anything and provide reference approximations of individual pieces where needed, but for the most part I'm open to some artistic liberty. As long as the main pieces are there.

    Physical traits (open)

    Name: Aida
    Gender: Genderless/androgynous
    Age: 72

    Appearance: Aida's head and torso are those of a rat anthro, with short white fur, rounded ears, and buck teeth. They have plenty of wrinkles and often wear a shrewd, judgmental expression that deepens those wrinkles even further. Their eyes give off a slight glow and lack pupils, with only the whites and green irises remaining.

    At the shoulders, Aida's fur turns to bare silver skin that clings tightly to their bones, almost like a corpse. Their arms are longer than a human's, with their hands reaching past their knees. Thin, sharp claws tip their bony fingers.

    Aida's legs, on the other hand, are borrowed from a reptilian creature, covered in pale green scales from the waist down and ending in three-toed feet with a plantigrade stance. They do not have a tail.

    Their wings are Aida's most eye-catching feature. After all, they have four: one pair with brilliant white feathers, and another pair that's more leathery and batlike. These wings definitely reach the full height of Aida's body, but I'm not concerned about the scientific accuracy of their span.

    Aida's age does not affect their posture. They carry themselves with confident grace, though they do tend to gesticulate wildly when talking.

    Clothes: None.
    Weapon: A hand-carved wooden wand, wielded with grace and poise. It has no inherent magical qualities, but Aida uses it to direct their spells more precisely.

    Personality traits (open)

    Likes: Peace and quiet, using magic in mundane ways, bitter foods
    Dislikes: People entering their lab uninvited, people getting in their personal space, people in general
    Hobbies and Interests: Magitech, theatre, strategy board games

    General Personality: Aida believes everything they do is of the utmost importance. They are always working tirelessly on some project or another, and they don't know how to take a break and just relax. Their mind often leaps from one topic to another with no sense of consistency, making them appear scatterbrained, but don't let that fool you: they are always on top of every issue at hand, no matter how many they're juggling. It can be difficult for others to get along with them regardless. If they can be convinced to pay attention, however, their keen attention to detail and superb memory make learning new things a breeze.
  2. Hi there! I would like to take on this challenge. I have a painterly style that I think you might like. There is a link to my thread below in the signatures box :)
  3. Oh wow, I do love your style! Kind of surprised I haven't gotten a commission from you yet actually. I'll go ahead and shoot you an email! :D
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  4. Hey I want to share my folio with you but I don't want to put it public, send me a PM if you're still interested and I can give you a couple links.
    My style is mostly inspired by american comics, but I throw a bit of anime and everything I like, I am versatile, my style refers not to what I can do but to what I enjoy doing XD